In 2019, Outside the Huddle introduced our highest preseason honor: the First Eleven. This honor comes on the heels of the basketball version, the ‘First Five,’ which traces its pre-OTH origins back over 35 seasons. It is our hope that the football version follows in that same tradition.

In 2020, the First Eleven became the culmination of our first ever Top 50 player countdown.


No. 1: Brauntae Johnson, North Side

No. 2: Mylan Graham, New Haven

No: 3: Brody Bolyn, Norwell

No. 4: CJ Davis, Bishop Dwenger

No. 5: Nick Thompson, Bishop Luers

No. 6: Lamarion Nelson, Wayne

No. 7: Julante Hinton, Northrop

No. 8: Luke Graft, Norwell

No. 9: Bubba Craig, Concordia Lutheran

No. 10: Dylan Bennett, Carroll

No. 11: Dax Holman, Eastside


No. 1: Landen Livingston, Leo – Senior, OL

No. 2: Jeffrey Becker, Carroll – Senior, QB

No. 3: Nate Anderson, Homestead – Senior, WR

No. 4: DJ Allen, Leo – Senior DE/TE

No. 5: Rowan Zolman, East Noble – Senior WR/DB

No. 6: Rocco Ciocca, Bishop Dwenger – Senior WR

No. 7: Carson Clark, Bishop Luers – Senior QB

No. 8: Brauntae Johnson, North Side – Sophomore WR

No. 9: DJ Moore, Snider – Senior OL

No. 10: Julante Hinton, Northrop – Sophomore DL

No. 11: Brody Glenn, Bishop Luers – Senior WR


No. 1 Nick Miller, South Adams – Senior, LB/DE

No. 2: Braeden Hardwick, Homestead – Senior, RB

No. 3: Jeff Becker, Carroll – Junior, QB

No. 4: Duce Taylor, North Side – Senior, QB

No. 5: DJ Moore, Snider – Junior, OL/DL

No. 6: Devon Tippmann, Bishop Dwenger – Senior, RB/LB

No. 7: Joe Collier, Adams Central – Senior, DE/TE

No. 8: Vinny Fiacable, Bishop Dwenger, Senior OL/DL/RB

No. 9: Landen Livingston, Leo, Junior OL/DT

No. 10: James Arnold, South Adams, Senior QB

No. 11: Jared Kistler, Homestead, Senior WR


Ryan Brandt, Angola, Senior safety

Gianini Bellzaire, Snider, Senior DL

Griffin Little, Homestead, Senior WR

Hayden Ellinger, Bishop Dwenger, Senior RB/LB

Keshaun Fields, Wayne, Senior RB

Randy Holtz, Snider, Senior OL

Jamic Johnson, Bishop Luers, Senior WR

Bailey Parker, East Noble, Senior QB/DB

Brandon Pruitt, West Noble, Senior RB/LB

Cam Rogers, Homestead, Senior LB/WR

Nick Miller, South Adams, Junior WR/LB