OTH First Eleven 2023: No. 9 Lukas Rohrbacher

Lukas Rohrbacher lunges for one of his 128 tackles during the 2022 season for Snider. Photo by Leverage Photography

Outside the Huddle and Blitz are counting down who they feel are the top 50 individual players in northeast Indiana heading into the 2023 season.

Our highest preseason honor, the 5th annual First Eleven profiles the top players (in the mind of Outside the Huddle) entering this fall.

No. 9: LB Lukas Rohrbacher, senior, Snider

When it comes to protecting the middle of the field, no one in this area is better than Rohrbacher.

The senior is a natural at the middle linebacker position, where he made 128 tackles with four sacks, four tackles for loss and an interception.

Rohrbacher is exceptional at field vision. His eyes never leave the ball and reacts accordingly. Setting up to pass? Rohrbacher drops in coverage with ease. Hammering the ball up the middle? He accelerates to the line of scrimmage at a quick clip. Kicking it to the outside? No one is better from the middle level at sealing the edge.

An All-SAC First Team selection and a 5A Junior All-State nominee, Snider’s defense is in no better hands than Rohrbacher, who has no equal at his craft in northeast Indiana.

COACH’S QUOTE ON LUKAS ROHRBACHER“Lukas brings the experience back from defense. He has been a starter for three years now. He is a very athletic and phyiscal linebacker. We need Lukas to be at his best for our defense to be good. He will play football in college and is one of the top players in the state of Indiana.”– Snider coach Kurt Tippmann


No. 11: Will Kelso, senior, Snider

No. 10: Ajani Washington, senior, New Haven

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