BOUNCE: Season awards for the SAC girls

bounceinset_21With some unrivaled free time to look back at the prep hoops season gone by, Bounce decided that he wasn’t done with the girls side of things just yet.

ICYMI, we have already named the 2019-20 Outside the Huddle All-Area Girls basketball team and Sydney Graber of Homestead is the 2019-2020 girls hoops Player of the Year.

Yet, before Bounce goes into self isolation, how about some season-ending awards for the female teams of the area? All this week, Bounce will be giving out some awards for each conference in Northeast Indiana, let you get some voting in, and what about one more prediction?

Today we head to the Summit Athletic Conference.

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PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Sydney Graber, Homestead

This is the least surprising Player of the Year for a conference since she was our Player of the Year for the entire area. Graber really stepped up her game for her senior campaign, not only leading the Spartans in scoring, but leading them through some tumultuous times and still winning three titles along the way. Graber was a great senior leader on and off the court and kept Homestead at the very top of the area all season long.

HONORABLE MENTION: Lydia Reimbold of Bishop Luers, TiAuna White of Northrop, Jaci Jones of South Side, Ayanna Patterson of Homestead

MOST VALUABLE PLAYER: TiAuna White, Northrop

While the Bruins didn’t hit expectations some had of them being contenders in the SAC, they has a lot of good wins and reached their Sectional title game. Although there were a lot of quality pieces in place, White really played the best basketball of her career and was the top scorer in the area at 17.7 points per game. She was a threat up and down the court and while Northrop would have been strong without her, they were much better off with her.

HONORABLE MENTION: Lydia Reimbold of Bishop Luers, Emily Parrett of Carroll, Rylie Parker of Homestead, Destiny Jackson of Northrop, Chanteese Craig of Concordia

Who was the most valuable to their team in 2019-20?

Saniya Jackson
Carroll’s Saniya Jackson hits a layup around Norwell defenders on January 14. (Photo by Leverage Photography)

BREAKOUT PLAYER: Saniya Jackson, Carroll

It may have gotten lost in bigger names, but this Charger freshman was named IBCA Underclass All-State Honorable Mention. She averaged 5.9 points, which was fourth best on the team, but Jackson just had a knack for being there when needed and cleaning up missed opportunities. Her numbers, in all fairness, probably didn’t reflect her true value to the balanced Carroll Sectional championship team, but make no mistake that she made others take notice of her.

HONORABLE MENTION: Shabrea O’Quinn of Wayne, Lexi Linder of Bishop Dwenger, LonDynn Betts of Concordia

Who is your pick for breakout player from the SAC?


MOST UNDERRATED: Rhaya Kaschinske, Concordia Lutheran

You can look back just at the Sectional round win over Angola to see Kaschinske’s true value; she was huge in that win. But as one of the juniors with experience and not afraid to use her voice, her impact was big for Concordia, who reached the Sectional title game with limited seniors. Kaschinske spent more minutes on the court than any other Cadet and because her scoring output was monumental, she certainly didn’t get enough credit.

HONORABLE MENTION: Grace Sullivan of Homestead, Payton Gorman of Snider, Delane Sheets of Carroll, Delaney Bailey of Bishop Luers

Who is your pick for the most underrated player from the SAC?


Rhaya Kaschniske
Concordia Lutheran’s Rhaya Kaschinske looks around a Bellmont defender during November 12, 2019’s game.

COACHES OF THE YEAR: Rod Parker and Kara Ankenbruck, Homestead

Why is this a tie? That is easy: Homestead didn’t miss a beat. They rarely do. But I shouldn’t have to tell you how hard that is when the head coach gets a cancer diagnosis midseason and in the midst of all that emotion, his assistant steps in for her first varsity head coaching assignment and things run smooth on the floor. It was a great year for Homestead basketball, but a very, very tough one that the entire program handled with grace. That is a testament to a lot of people, but it starts at the top. So Rod Parker and Kara Ankenbruck both get this nod from me.

HONORABLE MENTION: Mark Redding of Carroll, Juanita Goodwell of South Side, Mark Pixley of Bishop Luers

Who is your picks for SAC Coach of the Year?


GAME OF THE YEAR: Homestead versus South Side, February 8

It could be argued that the three meetings between these two teams are the three best SAC battles this year. Homestead won them all, including this Sectional title game, but by an average of just over 6 points per game when the Spartans won by an average of 25 across the season. South couldn’t have given more of an effort and their entire home gymnasium were on their feet as the fourth quarter wound down and the Spartans were on the ropes. But Homestead rallied back and edged out South Side in overtime, just another classic game in the city’s best girls hoops rivalry.

HONORABLE MENTION: 12/28 Homestead over South Side 52-43; 12/6 Northrop over Bishop Dwenger 58-55; 1/17 South Side over Concordia 48-45; 12/13 Bishop Luers over Northrop 55-50

What is your pick for SAC game of the year in 2019-20?



To be the ‘man,’ you have to beat the ‘man.’ And save for a couple of tournament losses, Homestead has not been beaten in the SAC. It is that simple. Until someone actually takes a SAC regular season game off the Spartans, it is hard to imagine them not being the champions. Again, they will graduate impactful players. Yet, they will return 3/5 (and a really good 3/5) of their starting lineup and players like Molly Stock, Maggie Keinsley, Megan Yoder and Alison Stephens showed that they can slide in and keep expectations high for Homestead.

Who is your pick to win the SAC in 2021?


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