OTH First Eleven 2023: No. 11 Will Kelso

Snider senior defensive lineman Will Kelso. (Photo by Leverage Photography)

Outside the Huddle and Blitz are counting down who they feel are the top 50 individual players in northeast Indiana heading into the 2023 season.

Our highest preseason honor, the 5th annual First Eleven profiles the top players (in the mind of Outside the Huddle) entering this fall.

No. 11: DL Will Kelso, senior, Snider

When it comes to versatile and dominant linemen, Kelso has no equal along the defensive front.

Kelso will line up wherever he needs to – inside as a tackle or on the edge – to create havoc. There may be no quicker defensive lineman in the area getting off the ball than Kelso, who can win a fair amount of battles against an offensive lineman simply by already being past him when the blocker looks to engage.

In other defenses, Kelso would pile up stats. But in Snider’s scheme, he is as effective as a guy who clogs up the interior and can seal the edge.

When it comes to pure D-linemen in northeast Indiana, no one is better than Kelso.

COACH’S QUOTE ON WILL KELSO“Will brings back a lot of experience on D-line. He is very athletic and quick in the trenches and causes a lot of disruptions for opposing offenses. He is also one of our strongest leaders on defense and for our team. We need Will to be dominant up front for us to be good on defense.”– Snider coach Kurt Tippmann

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