OTH First Eleven 2022: No. 9 Bubba Craig

Outside the Huddle and Blitz are counting down who they feel are the top 50 individual players in northeast Indiana heading into the 2022 season.

Our highest preseason honor, the fourth-annual First Eleven profiles the top players (in the mind of Outside the Huddle) entering this fall.

No. 9: OL Bubba Craig, senior, Concordia Lutheran

There are dudes and there are big dudes.

Craig is a big dude.

At 6-foot-8 and 320 pounds, Craig is a monstrous offensive lineman. He controls almost an entire side of the line by himself with his frame.

While the foot speed is still a work in progress, Craig is nearly impossible to shrug off once he engages. He drives his feet and doesn’t stop until the play is whistled dead. On some plays, Craig ends up taking out multiple defenders due to his ability to gather anyone up in his path as he pushes forward.

Having a player the caliber of Craig allows Concordia a certain amount of latitude in its play calling. From his tackle spot he can seal the edge and allow the Cadets to run plays outside on his side, or he can buy QB Eli Mattox more time on the run.


“Bubba has all the ability in the world to be an impact player in the SAC. He’s a big presence who moves people in a very physical way. He’s really an anchor we can rely on to be solid on our offensive line. We are excited to see what Bubba can do this year against some very formidable opponents.” – Concordia Lutheran coach Tim Mannigel


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