With turf funding secured, Northrop and Snider look forward to future at Spuller Stadium

After first being reported by Outside the Huddle in December, the installation of field turf at Spuller Stadium was officially approved by Fort Wayne Community Schools on Monday.

To say that Northrop coach Jason Doerffler and Snider coach Kurt Tippmann are excited would be an understatement.

“This helps the football program as well as all students at Northrop High School,” Doerffler said. “The field turf will be beneficial for not just our practices and games but can and will be used by other sports, PE classes throughout the day and band.

We feel very fortunate and thankful to be afforded this opportunity here at Northrop.”

FWCS earmarked $1 million for the installation for the turf, which is scheduled to be installed by early August. The field will have a Northrop logo at midfield, with no recognition on the turf for its other resident – Snider.

That is not a concern for Tippmann, who says there are “no negatives” to the new turf.

“I’ve always thought that poor field conditions leveled the playing field between two teams and really made the outcome of the game determined by who handled the poor field conditions better,” Tippmann said. “With a turf field, the quality of each team is more of a determining factor to the outcome.

“I also think a turf field is a safer situation for the players.”

Tippmann said there have been no discussions regarding Snider traveling to Northrop for practices on occasion.

According to Doerffler, the benefits for Northrop are many, including pride.

“Our student athletes are definitely excited,” Doerffler said. “It gives us a little shot in the arm and helps create a lot of pride in our school and our facilities.”

There have been rumors that FWCS is planning on installing field turf at each of its high schools, one year at a time. Those rumors have not been confirmed.

“I truly hope there are plans for turf at Snider as well as at South Side, North Side and Wayne, but I have no details of such plans,” Tippmann said.


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