Continuity is key in the SAC, and Bishop Luers has it with the hiring of Seth Coffing

The ebbs and flows of basketball in the Summit Athletic Conference change like Indiana weather. The “hot” school to be at for hoops one season becomes a ghost town just a year later.

Sometimes it comes about after the departure of a star player, but more often than not, a change in regime can be the catalyst that finds talent seemingly overnight finding a different home.

It’s a problem. It’s not right. But it is reality.

With the hiring of Seth Coffing by Bishop Luers earlier this week to replace Fonso White as head of the boys’ basketball program, the Knights have firmly made a move that should prevent any type of exodus from happening.

Not only has Coffing been on staff at Bishop Luers for the last few seasons, he is also already in the building as part of the Physical Education/Health teaching faculty.

Whereas White had to travel to and from the Indianapolis area to coach the Knights, Coffing is ensconced in the building during the day, allowing him to further foster relationships with his players.

“It’s a huge deal (for Bishop Luers administration) for them to have someone in the building and around the kids on a daily basis,” Coffing said. “Our other major sports have teachers in the building…so this is definitely a good fit.”

Coffing also brings plenty of experience to the job, having seven years of high school head coaching experience under his belt between Indiana and Michigan and a career record of 71-75.

The Knights struggled last season, finishing 5-18 overall, the third time in the last five years in which the team has finished with five or less wins.

But there is considerable promise for next season. The top four scorers are set to return – led by junior-to-be Cadell Wallace at just a touch over 15 points per game. Class of 2023’s Nick Thompson is a dynamic and versatile athlete who is set to return, and Isaac Zay is one of the more underrated shooters in all of northern Indiana. Add in Charles Powell and Bishop Luers returns a fair amount of its starting lineup for next year.

Would that be the case if Bishop Luers hired from the outside? In this city, probably not.

“The way it is around the city these days, kids are going everywhere,” Coffing said. “In knowing our kids already, understanding their skills and seeing them every day, it is huge.”

In terms of philosophy, Coffing will stick to a few key points.

“First and foremost, my rule is to be a really good teammate,” Coffing said. “That basically covers a lot of areas for those guys. And no matter what, our on-the-floor approach will be based on the talent we have.

“We have a lot of experience coming back with multiple years left, so we are excited to get started.”

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