Bounce’s Picks for the week of November 29-December 4

We aren’t exactly in full gear, but we are close. Some boys teams will get to tip off their seasons this week and then we will be there.

Each week, Bounce will pick 10 or more games in the area that draw his interest.

*Unlike Blitz, we aren’t picking spreads here…just winners


2021-22 RECORD: 24-13


Bellmont at Concordia, Tuesday

The Braves have been playing really good basketball. While the Cadets have also been playing solid basketball, their record doesn’t necessarily reflect that. The question for Concordia is can they have consistent second wave scoring? By week two, I think they can get a better idea of that. BOUNCE PICKS CONCORDIA

East Noble at Snider, Tuesday

We have a good idea that East Noble can be better than possibly projected because of how well Spencer Denton is playing so far. Snider gets to open the season here and chances are they have some pent up energy they want to get out. I like the Knights and how they can develop before a potential postseason rematch, but Snider is too strong here. BOUNCE PICKS SNIDER

Blackhawk Christian at North Side, Tuesday

What do you think the new look Braves will look like? There are so many questions surrounding how they will play, what their tempo will be and who will lead the way. For North, we have a lot of answers, but some questions arise after their loss at Lawrence North. This one is always fun to try and project, but North has the chance to get a win over Blackhawk for the first time in years. BOUNCE PICKS NORTH SIDE

Northrop at New Haven, Tuesday

Two teams that screamed for Bounce’s respect before the season. And yet, I’m still not sure where either is going to land after opening week. New Haven has the more proven overall roster, but some of the young guys really striving to break out for the Bruins interest me. Dalman Alexander has himself a game here. BOUNCE PICKS NORTHROP

Leo at Wayne, Wednesday

The Lions haven’t exactly started games off hot, and they can’t risk that against a really fiery Wayne team. But in the end, as it has been and as it will be, height is a difference maker. BOUNCE PICKS LEO

Angola at Central Noble, Friday

Angola is going to be a fun team that could really spoil things in the conference, but with this conference game I don’t think they have enough firepower to shake things up just yet. Essegian still has a point to prove state wide. BOUNCE PICKS CENTRAL NOBLE

Blackhawk Christian at New Haven, Friday

My second look at both of these teams in this weeks picks and nothing changes today about how I feel. By Friday, I could feel differently depending on how they do earlier in the week. BOUNCE PICKS NEW HAVEN

Homestead at Warsaw, Friday

This could be a really fun battle with a severely underrated Warsaw team. Homestead doesn’t like losing as early in the season as they did last weekend, so expect them to dial it up a notch. Tigers aren’t going to go away quietly, especially at home. BOUNCE PICKS HOMESTEAD

Woodlan at Jay County, Friday

I feel like I just said this with the girls teams from the same schools, but is it too early to see a possible ACAC regular season eliminator? Joe Reidy is arguably the best player of week one of the season. If the Patriots can’t slow him, they won’t stand much of a chance. BOUNCE PICKS WOODLAN

Mishawaka Marian at Bishop Luers, Saturday

Luers gets things started earlier in the week, but this will be an interesting test. Richard Brooks is a really solid shooting guard for Marian that can get things rolling fast. But me thinks Luers is going to be better than most think. BOUNCE PICKS BISHOP LUERS


Mississinewa at Bellmont, Monday

Bellmont is young, this much is true, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad. BOUNCE PICKS BELLMONT

Fairfield at Angola, Tuesday

For the second straight week, the Hornets will invite a very tough conference opponent into their home gym. Expect, like most of last weeks game was, for this to be a scrappy affair. Fairfield is good. Are they high level good? We will find out and also see if Angola can fix some offensive mistakes from their loss last Tuesday. BOUNCE PICKS FAIRFIELD

Bishop Dwenger at Columbia City, Tuesday

The next in line of the Eagles domination of the SAC? Yup. BOUNCE PICKS COLUMBIA CITY

Bishop Luers at Huntington North, Tuesday

Great test for both teams. We want to see the Vikings be more consistent and we want to see the Knights get a high end win. Whoever comes out on top of this one, we’ve gotten what we asked for. BOUNCE PICKS HUNTINGTON NORTH

Woodlan at Eastside, Tuesday

Two more teams that haven’t necessarily surprised us, but are playing better basketball than we probably thought they would this early in the year. Woodlan has more weapons but I’m waiting to see when some more of Eastside’s talent really breaks loose. Could be here. BOUNCE PICKS WOODLAN

Angola at Central Noble, Friday

Hey Angola, welcome to a hard two week stretch. The top of the conference waits for you if they haven’t already seen you. The Cougars are going to have to defend the rim well, Lauren Leach has shown that she can be really efficient at the basket. Though, this may come down to who can shoot the ball better from range, something that the Cougars have done and the Hornets have been just ok at. BOUNCE PICKS ANGOLA

Carroll at Homestead, Friday

What somebody has revenge in mind from last year and it isn’t Carroll. Don’t expect a complete rolling here at all. I was too dismissive about Carroll to start the season and I won’t make that mistake again. But I also won’t underestimate just how good Ayanna Patterson has been, even better than ever before. BOUNCE PICKS HOMESTEAD

Huntington North at Norwell, Friday

If the Vikings beat Luers earlier in the week, I give them a lot more of a chance here based on momentum. This though is a different kind of Knight and, well, we all know health Bounce feels about The Castle. BOUNCE PICKS NORWELL

Eastside at Garrett, Saturday

Is there any reason to think that the Railroaders won’t keep just running people over in this conference? They have an answer for nearly everything and the fact today they continue to find depth makes them certified. The best question about Garrett right now is, will Nataley Armstrong have more or less than a dozen assists? BOUNCE PICKS GARRETT

South Adams at Heritage, Saturday

While we saw potentially the top ACAC showdown last week, this one is no slouch either. Both of these teams could still factor into the conference regular season and both of them could easily factor into the conference tournament come January. BOUNCE PICKS SOUTH ADAMS

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