Bounce’s Girls Hoops Power Poll for week of January 4

Norwell coach Eric Thornton talks to his team during a December 12, 2020 game against Garrett.

No. 1 – Norwell

Records: 11-2 overall; 2-0 NE8; 3-0 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: 1

Yes, the Knights have lost twice since we last power polled two weeks ago. But when you look at the quality of that out of area competition at the Hall of Fame Classic, it is hard to fault Norwell when we look at an in area power poll. The Knights could compete in any conference in the area and there is a chance to show that against Carroll on Tuesday night.

Best win: Garrett

No. 2 – Carroll

Records: 11-2 overall; 2-0 SAC; 1-0 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: 2

This group came back with a vengeance from quarantine and showed that there doesn’t always have to be rust. They are deep and they are aggressive. That could have them sitting at number one come next week.

Best win: Homestead

No. 3 – South Side

Records: 8-3 overall; 4-0 SAC; 1-0 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: 3

The Archers have battled some pretty high end talent and were scheduled to face more before quarantine needs struck them on Monday. It hurts the Archers because they don’t get a big showdown with Homestead this Friday and they also have no chance to prove themselves in hopes of moving upward.

Best win: Jay County

No. 4 – Garrett

Records: 12-1 overall; 5-0 NECC; 1-1 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: 4

Garrett got back to work last week but it wasn’t a big challenge. Bigger challenges await in NECC regular season and tournament games.

Best win: Concordia Lutheran

No. 5 – Homestead

Records: 9-4 overall; 4-1 SAC; 1-1 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: 5

This team is getting much better and it shows nightly. They hurt as much as South Side by losing that game this Friday because there is no way to see the Spartans move up. The emergence of Ali Stephens and Molly Stock is starting to take shape and that makes Homestead tougher going forward.

Best win: Noblesville

No. 6 – Jay County

Records: 11-2 overall; 3-0 ACAC; 0-1 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: 7

This team is the most dominant against their own conference in the area and they should be rewarded for that. Unfortunately, their games against top tier area schools outside of ACAC play is limited. How well they played South Side plays a role in them moving up and if they can beat Concordia, it makes them that much more impressive.

Best win: Bellmont

No. 7 – Concordia Lutheran

Records: 7-2 overall; 2-0 SAC; 0-2 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: 6

The Cadets came back from quarantine and it was a tough return for them losing to Northridge and Homestead. They have a chance to right the ship now as they are still a good team that just can’t get over the hump against VERY good teams.

Best win: Northrop

No. 8 – Lakeland

Records: 12-3 overall; 5-1 NECC; 0-0 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: 9

This team had not lost since November 10 and carried one of the best win streaks in the state into Monday’s loss at Angola. We will find out a lot more about Lakeland in the next two weeks but I am not sure how much we found out about them on Monday. There was a lot of emotion behind Angola and Hanna Knoll’s record breaking night. I’m not selling Lakeland just yet.

Best win: Fairfield

No. 9 – Warsaw

Records: 11-3 overall; 2-0 NLC; 0-1 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: 9

Warsaw won their own tournament and get to stay put because of it. A loss to Norwell isn’t considered a bad loss because Norwell is so good and Warsaw made a game out of it late. They have also contended with Fishers this season. Warsaw, like Concordia, is a team that is just good looking up at VERY good squads.

Best win: Snider

No. 10 – West Noble

Records: 12-2 overall; 6-0 NECC; 0-0 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: NR

We are still learning just how good that West Noble may be, dictated by the fact they’ve faced no other teams inside our top 10. But picking out this spot this week, a seven game win streak and a perfect record in the tough NECC deserves notice.

Best win: Central Noble

IN THE ARGUMENT (in no particular order)

Blackhawk Christian, 13-3

Huntington North, 9-4

Central Noble, 9-2

Fairfield, 9-4

Bellmont, 8-2

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