Bounce’s Girls Hoops Power Poll for the Week of November 23

Homestead’s Grace Sullivan, Amber Austin, Alison Stephens, Ayanna Patterson, Molly Stock and Maggie Keinsley

If you followed along with out preseason countdown then you already knew who our preseason top 10 girls basketball teams were. BUT, if you know anything about high school basketball, you know that things can change quickly.

So we’ve given the girls a few weeks to settle in from that initial top 10 and here is where they sit as we kick off their fourth week of games.

Each Tuesday morning, we will release our weekly Power Poll ahead of the week of games ahead.

No. 1 – Homestead

Records: 3-1 overall; 1-0 SAC; 0-0 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: 1

The Spartans are the cream of the crop in the area until someone in Northeast Indiana actually beats them. Their opening game loss was an eye opener but they’ve battled back with some quality wins in the process. We want to see them against the best of the SAC still, but there is zero reason to see them anywhere but here at the top spot.

Best win: Noblesville

No. 2 – Norwell

Records: 3-0 overall; 0-0 NE8; 0-0 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: 2

Smashing their way though the start of their season, Norwell has only been slowed up by quarantine at this point. They have gotten some great work on the interior so far and it has really balanced up their strong shooting prowess.

Best win: NorthWood

No. 3 – South Side

Records: 2-0 overall; 1-0 SAC; 0-0 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: 3

The Archers would really like to have some more games under their belt by this point, but wouldn’t everyone? The thing to watch for them right now is Lamyia Woodson who is giving us real Taniece Chapman (class of 2018) vibes with how dominating she has been able to be. We know this team has good guard play, so if Woodson continues to be untouchable, they won’t be at #3 for long.

Best win: Northridge

No. 4 – Carroll

Records: 3-1 overall; 0-0 SAC; 0-0 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: 4

The Chargers are working like a well oiled machine so far. They are continuing to score by committee with Emily Parrett at the forefront, to no surprise. They are looking fresh every night and their big point totals are a good sign that many teams are going to have an issue trying to slow, let alone put away, the Chargers.

Best win: East Noble

No. 5 – Garrett

Records: 5-0 overall; 0-0 NECC; 0-0 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: 5

This is a team that has yet to really be challenged since their opening game, so it is hard to have Garrett fully gauged at this point. That won’t last long as this week marks a challenge with Angola on the schedule. Right now, their big four are doing as expected or better and the return of Faith Owen to the lineup against North Side makes this team even deeper.

Best win: Woodlan

No. 6 – Concordia Lutheran

Records: 4-0 overall; 1-0 SAC; 0-0 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: 8

Out of the gate, the Cadets are playing some of the best defense of any team in the area. They’ve had games postponed against Bellmont and Homestead that would have told us a lot more about them in the opening frame of the season but we know they remain defensively sound. They’ve been able to turnover some really good offenses and that is why they are the first team on the rise this season in a power poll.

Best win: Northrop

No. 7 – Angola

Records: 2-0 overall; 1-0 NECC; 0-0 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: 7

Angola has proved me wrong by indicating in their conference win that they are still head and shoulders above the second tier in the NECC. They are getting a lot of help from some younger players, as they had hoped for but didn’t talk about a lot in the preseason. Angola’s shooting may be improved from last season.

Best win: Eastside

No. 8 – Jay County

Records: 3-1 overall; 0-0 ACAC; 1-0 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: NR

Jay County is a team that is in this spot because the quality of their wins outmatches some of the undefeated area teams with wins over Bellmont and Union City. Jay County is playing tough basketball right now, lets see if they can sustain.

Best win: Bellmont

No. 9 – Bellmont

Records: 4-1 overall; 0-0 NE8; 0-1 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: NR

Hey, look at that, Bellmont is still in the mix. Basketball is a major part of the culture in Decatur now and after a quarantine hiccup that slowed the start of their season, nothing else really has. The Squaws are hanging their hats on good defense right now.

Best win: Woodlan

No. 10 – Northrop

Records: 1-1 overall; 0-1 SAC; 0-1 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: 6

This is a team we probably don’t have a fair gauge on yet because they haven’t played as much as many other schools so they get the benefit of the doubt in staying in the Top 10 for the time being. They really do look more well rounded though. They will make their return to the court on November 30 after a more than two week layoff.

Best win: Leo


Snider (2-0)

Bluffton (5-0)

Fairfield (5-0)

Central Noble (1-0)

Warsaw (4-0)

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