Bounce’s Picks for the Week of Dec. 2

Another week means more picks and finally we have a full one. And when I say full one, take a gander at Friday’s slate of games. It is so loaded that I don’t even have room to list all of them here.

Homestead girls retain the Bounce Traveling Trophy with their win over Huntington North last week while the Viking boys lost their traveling trophy from last year in their game against Homestead. So now the Spartans hold both trophies again.

I will be picking five girls games and five boys games in my regular picks. What you will not find today is Blackhawk Christian at New Haven boys, coming this Friday night, which will be highlighted later this week as the Outside the Huddle Game of the Weekend.

Last week: 10-1

Season total: 32-9


Central Noble at Goshen, Tuesday

Goshen sits at 7-1 with wins over five area teams, including three that are in the NECC. This is a good test for the Cougars, who have strung together five straight wins since Bounce saw them open the season in bad fashion at Bishop Luers. Brynn Shoup-Hill is playing well, averaging 14.8 points per game for Goshen, but is she not the best player on the court Tuesday? Am I going out a limb here? I’m not really sure yet. Bounce picks Central Noble

Bishop Dwenger at Columbia City, Tuesday

Columbia City is getting back to full health and a win over Bishop Luers to snap a two game skid has them back in the Top 10ish conversation again, as they were in the preseason. The Saints have rolled, but haven’t faced anyone the caliber of the Eagles just yet. This is a huge measuring stick for Dwenger, but ignoring Columbia City’s win over Bishop Luers is impossible. Bounce picks Columbia City

Angola at Central Noble, Friday

This is the classic rivalry as of late in the conference and will give one team a big foot up in the NECC race early. An Angola win and they are in clear control, a Central Noble win and we have a legit three team race. While Angola is thought to be the better team right now and Hanna Knoll is one of the best players this season in the area, this kind of rivalry throws a lot out the window. Bounce picks Angola

Carroll at Homestead, Friday

Does anyone have the chops for Homestead in the SAC. Outside of the typical South Side answer, Carroll is the team most likely able to deal the Spartans a blow. The Chargers push a strong pace and have solid scorers. Consistency is important for Carroll in this big Friday night game that is going to send the conference trending one way or another but Bounce sees Sydney Graber continuing her torrid pace. Bounce picks Homestead

Norwell at Hamilton Heights, Saturday

Being the visiting team against that has won four straight (as of today) the night after a conference game = trap game for Norwell. The Knights are playing high quality basketball and Kaylee Fuelling is again separating herself from the pack while others thrive around her. Hamilton Heights is good, but not as good as they have been in previous seasons. Norwell doesn’t want a repeat of the Warsaw game, playing on the road Saturday afternoon is tough. Bounce picks Norwell


Canterbury at Bishop Luers, Tuesday

The Cavaliers will open Bishop Luers season for them on Tuesday and a lot is expected for the Knights in their second season under Fonso White. I really think that this Luers team is going to be able to compete stronger than they have for two seasons. Luers is a senior heavy team and I am intrigued to see a full season of Demarcus Hudson in action. That said, Canterbury proved last week they are not to be taken lightly. Bounce picks Bishop Luers

Northrop at New Haven, Tuesday

Lets see very quickly what kind of team Northrop is. Last year, they were able to assert their will a lot. Meanwhile, we know New Haven is going to push pace and physicality. This game could be one sided or chippy close. Ja’kar Williams was really impressive asserting himself into New Haven’s opener last week against Woodlan and his athleticism and skill set certainly transfer from the football field. Bounce picks New Haven

Churubusco at Westview, Friday

Want to separate some teams in the NECC? Let’s do it immediately with two of the conference favorites. This is one I don’t even want to predict because it could be so even. Containing Charlie Yoder can be a real issue, but the Warriors need more guys to be consistent behind him because Churubusco’s scoring depth is real. Jackson Paul and Yoder are two of the area’s toughest guys for a reason. If the Eagles can win this, they shut down a lot of their doubters. But…and my Turtle Town friends are gonna be mad at me…big game, Friday night IN TOPEKA; its not an easy thing. Bounce picks Westview

Columbia City at Canterbury, Friday

I mention Canterbury again because the scoring showdown between Will Shank and Columbia City’s Mitchell Wilson could be one of the best we see all season, let alone this early. If Cantebury is to keep their ship rolling right, they need to get a big home win here and right now, they may have more pieces. One of these teams will have to take the more educated set of shots and signs so far point to that being the Cavs. Bounce picks Canterbury

Bellmont at Whitko, Saturday

Why not have a fun one on Saturday night. Whitko lost some guys from last year’s team but if you haven’t seen Brett Sickafoose, let me assure you that he doesn’t care about size or speed that anyone else has and that makes the Wildcats a big threat. Bellmont becomes an interesting piece after Tyler James was a lights out shooter Saturday in a win over Woodlan. With him to push the ball out to when defenses collapse on Kade Fuelling, it gives the Braves more options. But this is a tough, long road trip Saturday and I think that balances it out. Expect a close one. Bounce picks Whitko

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