More than 23,000 votes were cast in the opening round and the top two voter recipients from each of the four regions will now move on to the quarterfinal rounds. The one on one matchups of this round do not follow regions, but rather the 8 remaining players have been seeded based on their votes received in the first round to make four quarterfinal matchups.

Voting for this round will continue through noon on Sunday, March 24.

For more info, see below the quarterfinal votes.

The schedule for the remainder of this FAN VOTE tournament is as follows:

Quarterfinal voting: From March 21 through noon on March 24, narrowing the field to 4.

Semifinal voting: From March 24 to noon on March 27, narrowing the field to 2.

Final voting: From March 27 to 11:59 p.m. on March 29.

Your FAN VOTE winner will be announced on Saturday, March 30. Then on Monday, April 1, Outside the Huddle releases our official All-Area team and our pick for Boys Basketball Player of the Year.

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