Bounce’s Picks for week of February 4

Last week presented next to no games. So guess what? Northrop retained the traveling trophy by way on inactivity. This week though, not only will the weather warm up, the games will pick up and the Bruins put that title on the line again this Friday in another game with heavy SAC implications.

In fact, that will be the Outside the Huddle Game of the Weekend that we will be back to preview fully on Thursday. As you may have noticed, neither of those teams are strangers to being part of our Game of the Weekend and that is for a reason.

What are the other games that should be on your radar this week? Bounce is here to fill you in.

Last Week: 3-0 (isn’t cold weather fun? Three other games will be made up at later dates)

Overall: 90-40

Angola at Leo, Tuesday

Very recently, Bounce wouldn’t have been sure that this game would hold intrigue but Leo is starting to really find themselves behind Blake Davison. He was one of the only guys with any varsity experience for the Lions, let alone significant experience. DJ Allen has become a quality scorer and I have long been a fan of the potential of Andrew Tkacz. This is going to be a fun one between potential future Sectional opponents. Angola is very good when they play with urgency and we’ve see that too this year where they make better big plays in those scenarios. Want an urgent Angola, make it homemade taco night at the Bentley house, rumor is that Angola coach Ed Bentley will want this thing over quick before they get cold.

This story originally ran without a pick being made. It was an accident because I truly meant to come back to it. It is too close to pick. This game could go either way. But, it is true that I have to make a pick (the absence of one was a mistake, I swear). I like momentum in this one.

Bounce picks Leo

Blackhawk Christian at Snider, Tuesday

Snider has been playing better and it is, in part, because Michael Eley has played really tough basketball again. Bounce still likes the star power of Eley and Dillon Duff and the tempo creation of Jayshawn Underwood and Jon Barnes Jr. against most teams. But this is Snider’s nightmare: a team with seemingly unlimited interior toughness. That was always going to be their Achilles this season. Caleb Furst has continued to produce at a quality rate, but Frankie Davidson really has made it tough for opposing teams. This is going to be a quality coaching matchup with Marc Davidson and Jeremy Rauch. Who has the plan in their arsenal to strike hardest first?

Bounce picks Blackhawk Christian

East Noble at Bishop Dwenger, Wednesday

Bounce really isn’t sure what to think about the Saints at this point. They are playing a very tough schedule, so the losses don’t bother me. But are we at the point where we don’t even expect them to win against tough opponents? They are keeping games close against good teams, but digging too big of holes early. We’ve seen East Noble to do that to people, especially Westview. Build a lead and then just be too strong and too fundamental to climb back against. Bishop Dwenger can’t let the Knights build themselves a comfortable lead.

Bounce picks East Noble

Southern Wells at Woodlan, Friday

The ACAC standings say that one of these two teams is at the bottom of the ACAC. Woodlan has no interest in slipping further behind the Raiders. Southern Wells has some talented players but that usually benefits them more in the postseason in Class 1A. Right now, they have a better overall record and record in the ACAC than Woodlan and any novice would consider them the favorite. I’m not just a novice. Sure, I haven’t seen Southern Wells play. But I’ve seen Woodlan come inches from knocking off Heritage. This could be Woodlan’s third win in a row if they can also get a win Monday and there is a sense of urgency for this young team to make some statements before this year is up.

Bounce picks Woodlan

Huntington North at Norwell, Friday

Norwell has a Tuesday meeting at Heritage to worry about first and that is a load. But this is to keep them in a solid second in the Northeast 8 and will be a telling tale as these two teams meet up. The Vikings have the strength in their depth coming off five straight wins and a six day layoff before this one. But they don’t have a Will Geiger and he was absolutely outstanding last week.

Bounce picks Huntington North

Jay County at Heritage, Friday

As noted, Heritage has a tough game earlier in the week but this is the one that matters most. The tribulations of the ACAC Tournament kept these two teams from meeting on Heritage’s way to a conference title. Does that make them any less the best team in the conference? There are debates to that thought. The Heritage Patriots will look to end that debate Friday and clinch an outright ACAC regular season title. Heritage hasn’t lost this calendar year. I’m not sure I see any reason why they would now.

Bounce picks Heritage

Prairie Heights at Westview, Friday

A rematch of the NECC Tournament finals that was a well fought game for part of the way. The Panthers proved to have at least a little something for the Warriors, but doing that at Lakeland is far easier than doing it on a Friday night at Westview, who’s home court advantage is as intense as it gets in the area. The Panthers will need to control the interior to have a chance, but even then I can’t see them controlling Charlie Yoder.

Bounces picks Westview

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