Bounce’s Girls Hoops Power Poll (Nov. 13)

BounceInset_2Now that the first two weeks of girls high school basketball season has been wrapped up, Bounce feels comfortable checking back in to that power poll that we started the season with here at Outside the Huddle.

Yeah, yeah I will be the first to admit that maybe the original top 10 had some missteps. It almost always does. That said, some of those teams who haven’t performed to a top level yet don’t exactly look like they will be doormats either. So lets give that initial list time to percolate before judgement is passed.

In any event, here is Bounce’s top 10 as they sit today, on Tuesday, November 13.

1. HOMESTEAD (3-0, 1-0 SAC)

WHY #1?

Homestead stays in the top spot because they have gone from being considered the best in the area to one of the best in the state. They pretty well handled Carmel and Northridge, two tough programs. The devil’s advocate would say that neither of those two teams are as good as they were last season, but never are Carmel or Northridge too down.

The Spartans have held their wins down with a bevvy of scorers. Take Saturday’s win over Wayne away and five different girls have taken their turn in individual game top three scoring; Haley Swing, Sydney Graber, Rylie Parker, Ayanna Patterson and Kara Gealy. That doesn’t take into consideration top returning scorer Sylare Starks who led them against Wayne and is priming for a game against her former school, Concordia Lutheran, on Friday.


It doesn’t get higher than this. Does it?

2. CENTRAL NOBLE (3-0, 1-0 NECC)

WHY #2?

The Cougars are shooting the ball at a ridiculous rate right now. They haven’t played the toughest schedule on this list, but to shoot the ball the way they have is a credit to the ability level of the players. As a team, they shoot 47 percent from the field, let by Meleah Leatherman’s 68 percent and Sydney Freeman’s 60 percent.

Last season, they won a state championship without an established number three scorer. Now, sophomore Bridgette Gray has emerged as not only a quality scorer, but one willing to shoot the ball.


The Cougars have not faced anyone with the strength of Homestead’s opponents and certainly haven’t faced anyone as good as the Spartans. It will be the end of the month before we get a good idea of what they are made of against tougher competition.

3. SOUTH SIDE (2-1, 1-0 SAC)

WHY #3?

A ton of talent is still working through this program under one of the area’s best coaches. Olivia Smith is gaining valuable experience. They do not have the overall experience or even leadership they are accustomed to, but that will come with time. Right now, they are riding ability and that isn’t a bad thing as they continue to build towards an always tough January.

Overall this team has a high basketball I.Q. and we’ve seen that improve the games of Jaci Jones, Alaya Chapman and Lamyia Woodson.


The loss to Northridge shows they are not on the same level as Homestead at this point. So there is not much room to rise and we will never know who would win if you pit the Archers against the Cougars.

4. NORWELL (3-0)

WHY #4?

A win over Angola has to have us asking if Norwell is already the best Class 3A team in the area while there are a bunch of teams trying to grab that title. When you graduate a player like Logan Rowles, those of us on the outside are always going to wonder who can fill that substantial of a scoring role. The answer for Norwell has been a lot of people. We’ve seen Ashley VanderBoom emerge as a senior leader alongside Aubrey Dunnuck.


Like most teams at this point, they can’t be higher because their level of opponent is about to go on the rise. If they can get through the gauntlet of Snider, NorthWood, Concordia and Huntington North mostly unscathed, we’ll talk.

5. CONCORDIA (3-0, 1-0 SAC)

WHY #5?

Beating Bellmont was a nice touch, but a lot of Concordia’s ranking still hinges on just how good Carissa Garcia is. After breaking school records in single game scoring and three pointers made in that Bellmont win, she is on the Indiana All-Star radar very quickly.

Around Garcia, a healthy Nautica Rogers is filling the space left by Chanteese Craig well. She had 20 points and 11 rebounds against Northrop last week and is helping to spread out the floor while the less experienced players get brought up to speed.


Hey, imagine this: they’ve not been tested enough. That changes with trips to Homestead, Norwell and Valparaiso on the immediate agenda.

6. BELLMONT (2-1)

WHY #6?

Woodlan and Garrett games mark a pair of wins over two programs on the rise with quality scorers. That is a positive sign for a Bellmont team that will want to avoid letdown games. This week represents three games that Bellmont should win, but will be stiff competition.


It is hard to imagine Bellmont competing with the top end of the SAC after their loss to Concordia and inability to chase the Cadets off the three point line.

7. ANGOLA (2-1)

WHY #7?

Bounce didn’t initially buy in to Hornets as a top area team and if you read my column on Sunday, you’d know that I am not sold yet. That said, they have established that they can win games under many different circumstances. They should not have beaten Bishop Luers after how they shot the ball to start the game. Yet, there they are with the win.

Take that impressive win over a team that Bounce thinks highly of and mix in how Angola performed last season and here I am giving them the benefit of doubt.


The loss to Norwell though opens up my original question about Angola, do they have the defensive depth to stop a team with a lot of scoring options?

8. BISHOP LUERS (0-3, 0-1 SAC)

WHY #8?

A big fall from my preseason graces. The Knights simply cannot score the basketball at a strong enough rate yet and I saw that firsthand at Central Noble. On Monday, they hit just one field goal inside the three point arc in the first half against South Side. But this is still a deeply talented team capable of making waves every night. There is not a game on their schedule where you don’t consider making them a contender in.

Oh and Lydia Reimbold will continue to be one of the most reliable scorers in the area even if there isn’t a lot of backup for the Knights right now.


They are winless. In a lot of worlds, people are probably questioning why I have them here.

9. HERITAGE (4-1)

WHY #9?

Show of hands, who had Heritage starting 4-1? Is that because of opponent quality? I’m going to go on the limb first and say no. Bree Dossen has been strong, shooting over 50 percent in three of their five games and is averaging 17 points and 7.2 rebounds per contest. Outside of Dossen being the early leader for breakout player of the year, Abby Sheehan has hit 17 three pointers already. This team is far from one dimensional.

This team could easily be the first in the area to hit 10 wins.


These rankings are top heavy with SAC schools and NECC schools that are better than conference foe Garrett, who beat Heritage.

10. BLUFFTON (1-1)

WHY #10?

The Tigers are going to be a tough every night and if you watched one of their practices, that would be clear. Emme Boots has already been able to score well and Olivia King’s determination and toughness is going to go unmatched a lot of nights.


Call it an incomplete. Between a tough to win game and a tough to lose game, we don’t know enough about Bluffton to move them up or down from their original spot.


11. West Noble

12. Columbia City

13. Bishop Dwenger

14. Snider

15. Huntington North

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