Introducing Bounce, your new source for prep basketball


I hate to be the frog to pile on. But fall doesn’t last long and before you know it, we will be pounding the hardwood.

As you may have already read here at Outside the Huddle, a porky former prep football prognosticator became dinner at a house in West Virginia. Because of that, my webbed-footed cousin who spread the gospel of high school basketball in the same neighborhood has gone into permanent hiding for fear of his own likeness becoming a meal.

So here I am, the b-side to football’s Blitz. You can call me Bounce.

You will hear from me a lot more once the calendar flips to October, but sporadically during football season I will pop out from under a lily pad, just like today.

And what is my basketball philosophy? Well I may not be the shooter than my dear cousin is/was, but Bounce is ready to gossip, ready to educate and always ready to say the things that other amphibians in my position may shy away from.

So strap in and enjoy what Blitz and I, among others, have in store for you. And when October and November roll around, be prepared for some great in-season prep basketball previews, predictions and some stuff that you may find preposterous.

From my pond on the Outside the Huddle online property, I welcome you.

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