Bounce’s Picks for the week of November 20

With the start of boys basketball season coming into play this week, it is time for your favorite hoops loving amphibian to start picking some winners in the big games of the week.

Each week, Bounce will pick the results of a handful of the best girls games and handful of the best boys games in the area.

So lets see how I do to tip things off…


Carroll at East Noble, Tuesday

East Noble has started this season 5-1 and things are feeling very different for this program. Things are trending up, while Carroll looks to be the opposite with their early season results. That said, Lily George and Jersey Paul are likely the most formidable pair that East Noble has had to face this season. I’m impressed with the Knights, but are they this good yet? BOUNCE PICKS CARROLL

Columbia City at Bishop Luers, Friday

Another team that is looking the part is Bishop Luers. Addie Shank has been a terror around the rim and her matchup with Molly Baker in this one should be one of the best post battles we will get in the area during girls basketball season. Luers probably believes they belong in the Power Poll Top 10, could they have an argument? Being in the Top 10 and beating #1 are two different things. BOUNCE PICKS COLUMBIA CITY

Northrop at DeKalb, Friday

DeKalb’s 5-0 start is also either the real deal or in for a rude awakening. Northrop has been so strong and so hyper in their defense this season, the Barons are going to have to work really hard to control a tempo that is pretty slow to limit the Bruin offense. Easier said that done. BOUNCE PICKS NORTHROP

Jay County at Woodlan, Friday

Isn’t this always one the best games in the ACAC? Expect more of that this week. Woodlan has been great so far this season and nobody has been able to top them while a younger Jay County team is finding their legs and their identity. To be the champ, you gotta beat the champ; Woodlan is looking good but people don’t usually beat JC in the conference. BOUNCE PICKS WOODLAN

Columbia City vs. Hamilton Southeastern at Brownsburg, Saturday

A massive test for Columbia City opposite a 5-0 team in what is clearly one of the state’s biggest marquee match ups of the very young season. Columbia City is rolling and this test is one that will tell us if they are 260 good or state level good. Expect a barn burner. BOUNCE PICKS COLUMBIA CITY


DeKalb at Northrop, Tuesday

One of the best pre-Thanksgiving games, that frankly I am sad isn’t on Thanksgiving Eve anymore. We get this matchup every year and often it is a battle of styles. But are the styles going to be that different if new Northrop coach Shane Merryman can get his team playing like he played and he was coached? Merryman knows DeKalb coach Marty Beasley’s style well and if he has the Bruins in tune, I really like this game. BOUNCE PICKS NORTHROP

East Noble at West Noble, Tuesday

A war in Noble County that will really test West Noble’s backcourt because East Noble has an underrated group in their own backcourt with the likes of Nathan Bowker, Ryker Quake and Landon Swogger being able to create considerable chaos. That said, what do the Knights have to counteract Bradyn Barth inside? Because once he gets going he is capable of putting up monster numbers. BOUNCE PICKS WEST NOBLE

Carroll at Norwell, Wednesday

Carroll at The Castle is always a good time, even with a Norwell team that isn’t expected by many to help repeat as NE8 champs. Carroll looked so dialed in last week in a scrimmage against Leo and yeah it is just a scrimmage but how many teams can look “dialed in” during one? Norwell is going to be better than many give them credit for, but this early with how good the Chargers look…BOUNCE PICKS CARRROLL

Central Noble at Canterbury, Wednesday

A test for new Central Noble coach Ben Lemmon as he takes on a pretty completely new Canterbury team. The Cavaliers lost some and gained some when it comes to important pieces since last season, but have the potential to be a tough out in Class 1A. Early on, you have to feel like their style will take hold over what could be a stingy Cougar defense. BOUNCE PICKS CANTERBURY

Woodlan at Bellmont, Saturday

Woodlan will have already had a game with New Haven to start the season and I really do think that first game plays a role in this one. Woodlan and Bellmont are both teams who probably aren’t getting enough credit in general in the preseason as both should contend for their conference titles. A little better experience could be the edge in this one. BOUNCE PICKS WOODLAN

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