Announcing Blitz’s Top 50 football player countdown for 2022

As we eagerly count down to the start of high school football in Indiana, Blitz is again taking on his personal rankings for the third straight season for the Top 50 players in the area heading into the 2022 season.

Beginning on July 26, OTH will allow Blitz to count down the top 50 players in northeast Indiana heading into the 2022 campaign, at least based on my expert opinion. 

Inspired by similar player rankings seen on national websites, Blitz has spent countless hours over the spring and summer compiling his list of the Top 50 individuals in the area. It has been a difficult task, and by no means the “end all” in this particular conversation. 

The list has been constructed using a variety of factors – player stats, expectations in 2022 and insight from numerous coaches from all four area conferences and beyond.

In the end, Blitz is solely responsible for how and where players areranked, and alone deserves all the praise (and criticism).

The football countdown will begin on July 26 and conclude with the naming of our highest preseason honor: the fourth annual ‘First Eleven’ team highlighting the top eleven players in the area entering the 2022 campaign. 

These rankings won’t make everyone happy. That much should go without saying. But OTH and Blitz have worked hard to make sure they are as true as possible. And in the end, Blitz trusts his eye and ability to be subjective and fair. So have fun with the list, enjoy it and, best of all, let us celebrate that Outside the Huddle is helping kick off football season with a unique feature such as this.

So stay tuned, because high school football season and our annual previews are coming quick!

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