Bounce’s Picks for the week of January 24

We are in the final week of the girls basketball season and it has just flown by. So here we are with some picks for them and of course for the boys as they turn down the home stretch themselves.

*Unlike Blitz, we aren’t picking spreads here…just winners


2021-22 RECORD: 142-54


East Noble at West Noble, Tuesday

Rivalry games are always important. These two teams both really want this win not only because of the rivalry but because neither have had the years they’ve hoped for. West Noble benefits by having the best player on the court and one of the most underrated players in the area in Jazmyn Smith. BOUNCE PICKS WEST NOBLE

Snider at DeKalb, Tuesday

DeKalb has been much improved this season if you haven’t notice. That said, they aren’t ready for this level of challenge yet. BOUNCE PICKS SNIDER

Huntington North at South Side, Tuesday

If South Side wants a big momentum win before the postseason, this is where they could attack. Huntington North is great at limiting good scorers but can they limit Olivia Smith? This could be a really fun hidden gem of a game. BOUNCE PICKS HUNTINGTON NORTH

South Bend St. Joe at Homestead, Tuesday

One more good out of conference game to sharpen Homestead. A good test, but one the Spartans should pass again, especially is Ali Stephens is still shooting the ball well this week. BOUNCE PICKS HOMESTEAD

Northrop at Homestead, Friday

The Spartans will win the SAC, but they would really like the clean sweep. Northrop would love to spoil that if nothing else on their way to a fun Sectional. Expect a good game as part of what arguably is the best double header in the SAC on Friday. BOUNCE PICKS HOMESTEAD

Snider at Carroll, Friday

This one was bigger a year ago, but make no mistake it is still a lot of fun. These two teams are possibly due a rematch a week later in the Sectional round, but this is a fun precursor. There are few scorers as good right now as Jyah LoVett of Snider. BOUNCE PICKS SNIDER


North Side at Leo, Monday

Another hidden gem game this week that loses some luster without a certain player. That said, the Legends made Leo’s life hard last season and they do have the road map to beat them. Does it do them any good? BOUNCE PICKS LEO

Concordia at New Haven, Tuesday

The Cadets are due a big win and the way New Haven has been playing, this would be that. Ajani Washington is coming off a killer game against Snider. Who stops him here? BOUNCE PICKS CONCORDIA

Heritage at Lakewood Park, Tuesday

Mason Posey and Carter Harman have had some really nice games for a LP team that doesn’t get a lot of attention. On the other side, Heritage hasn’t had the season they’ve wanted and at some point they are going to take that out on someone. That may happen here. BOUNCE PICKS HERITAGE

Snider at DeKalb, Wednesday

Jeremy Rauch in his old stomping grounds is always fun. Jeremy Rauch vs. Marty Beasley is always more fun. BOUNCE PICKS SNIDER

East Noble at Leo, Thursday

The Knights return from a break and try to play conference spoiler. Expect them to come out with a lot of fight to try and rebuild momentum. The inside game here is interesting but Leo’s shooters have gotten too good across the board at this point. BOUNCE PICKS LEO

Northrop at Homestead, Friday

This game coming up has brought up videos of the 2019 matchup on social media. It makes me sick to watch every time. Please nobody hold the ball this year? BOUNCE PICKS HOMESTEAD

Wayne at Bishop Luers, Friday

Two underrated teams with really fun to watch, quick and underrated guards. This could be a game that, in a year, means much more. BOUNCE PICKS WAYNE

Prairie Heights at Fremont, Friday

The Panthers have really surged throughout this season and pose a bigger threat to Fremont than one would have thought at the beginning of the season. But I still like Fremont’s experience and poise much more at this point. BOUNCE PICKS FREMONT

New Haven at Columbia City, Saturday

Someone probably loses out on their hope to get a piece of the NE8 pie in this one. A second conference loss will do that to you. So who is it? BOUNCE PICKS NEW HAVEN

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