FAN CHOICE: Who do you think was the boys basketball Player of the Year for 2020-21? This is the Quarterfinal round

In the coming weeks, Outside the Huddle will name its official Outside the Huddle Player of the Year and Coach of the Year for boys basketball. But before then, we want to know what you think too.

This is the FAN CHOICE voting for who you think was the 2020-2021 Boys basketball Player of the Year. Who gets your vote? The top two players from the conference rounds have advanced and are now seeded based on their total first round votes.

You can find the entire voting schedule below the first round below.

This quarterfinal round will run until April 13 at noon.


FIRST ROUND VOTING: Through April 9 at noon

QUARTERFINAL VOTING: April 9 through April 13 at noon

SEMI FINAL VOTING: April 13 through April 16 at noon

FINAL VOTING: April 16 through April 19 at noon

Bounce’s Postseason Conference Awards columns: April 13-16

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