Bounce’s Picks for the week of November 30

Through most of the season, we will end up breaking down 5 girls games and 5 boys games weekly.

My completely imaginary traveling trophy for the girls went nowhere last week as Homestead beat Huntington North is their only game; Homestead will visit Carroll this Friday. My boys trophy, for those paying attention, carries over from last season’s final destination Blackhawk Christian, who did not play last week at all; they will face North Side and New Haven this week.

What you won’t see here is that Homestead at Carroll girls game that will be covered later this week in a full preview as our first Game of the Weekend of the 2020-21 season.

LAST WEEK: 6-2 (three postponements)

2020-21 RECORD: 23-8

2019-20 RECORD: 139-48 (.743)



Another big game in the race at the top of the NECC and another showcase that Angola’s conference schedule is front loaded. The Hornets’ loss to Garrett could have taught them some things, but an important point here remains what it has been through the entire NECC race: you can’t fall behind. Angola did that last week in their loss, Fairfield did so too in a loss to Northridge, their first of the season. The two teams are a combined 7-2 with seven postponements, let’s hope we get this one in and that its as good as their meeting last season in the NECC Tournament finals. Bounce picks Angola


Both teams have had a layoff, but Eastside’s has been much bigger after barely finding a scoring pace against Angola in a big loss. This is the kind of game you want at home and the Warriors win out there. Score big early and this game could be in the bag. Bounce picks Woodlan


Why this one here? If you haven’t noticed, Bounce loves the prospect of these two programs. They aren’t winning much yet they feel so much on the cusp of breakouts and turnarounds. New Haven’s win over previously unbeaten Bluffton last week puts them in the driver’s seat. Bounce picks New Haven


What did Concordia learn in their narrow loss to Norwell last week? Garrett is better equipped to fight Chanteese Craig down low, but still may not be able to stop her completely. What the Cadets lacked last week is shutting down the perimeter good enough. These foes have some experience with each other and they should know each other well, harkening back to last year’s Sectional final battle. That one was close, so Taylor Gerke could be the wild card here. Bounce picks Garrett


The Panthers will go back to back days this week with their biggest challenges of the season. The back end of that will be Saturday when they get to host the Tigers. Snider is 3-0 for the first time in four seasons and haven’t beaten Warsaw since 2009, facing their rare opponent for just the third time since that game. The Tigers are very good, but coming off two tough losses. How will they bounce back? Bounce picks Snider



Last week’s win should have woken the area up to the Legends. They aren’t the same team as last year but c’mon, this is Blackhawk Christian and its a mountain that North Side isn’t ready to climb just yet. It is however a great measuring stick for the Legends to see where they are now, to test themselves against one of the area’s best. North Side will learn more about themselves than the Braves out of this game. Nonetheless….Bounce picks Blackhawk Christian


Luke Goode should pass 1,000 career points in this game rescheduled from Thanksgiving Eve. All eyes are on Homestead and for good reason. They should win this one fairly easily because of their depth in talent. The real question is what that looks like and how they are able to spread the ball around to their legit offensive threats. Bounce picks Homestead


Leo was impressive without a lot of their varsity lineup in a win over South Side this weekend. Wayne comes in looking to play spoiler and will make the Lions get up and down the court. Several Lions will be in their first game and need to protect the ball against an underrated General defense. I expect height to play a big role in this one though. Bounce picks Leo


The Eagles step into battle for the first time this season and like with many other teams we breakdown this week, there are lofty expectations. Westview has flexed some solid depth already with their 1-1 mark. Mason Yoder and Drew Litwiller are a solid 1-2 scoring punch but how can they handle the tenacity that Busco is going to push. Just like with the girls side, we are going to get some important conference games out of the gate; consider this one of those. Bounce picks Churubusco


You’d really prefer that the Braves didn’t have a game under their belt if you could help it here. New Haven is coming in untested while the Braves don’t take long to find a flow and should do that earlier in the week. Last season’s battle was fun and there is no reason to think that this won’t be too. Nobody is going to come into this game more confident than Dre Wright, given how well he defended the last time he touched the court in March. I am highly intrigued to see who he guards in this one. Don’t expect a blowout, but don’t break surprised at anyway this one goes. Bounce picks Blackhawk Christian

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