CORONAVIRUS VOICES: Bluffton girls basketball coach Karl Grau

We continue today with our CORONAVIRUS VOICES series, giving area coaches, players and others a platform to share their stories, thoughts and advice during the pandemic. 

Today, we welcome Coach Karl Grau of Bluffton high School.

We Can Find Stability, Connect, Serve, Excel in Uncertain Times

Uncertainty. Many of us have been anxious and even doubt the unprecedented times we are experiencing. We always feel better when we have control of a situation and can affect an outcome. To a degree, we have always been able to control and manage different situations. Even with our teams and how we prepare them or get our players ready to deal with adverse situations.

This is different. This pandemic is out of our control. Games, events, activities, school functions, and family gatherings have stopped. The fast and furious life as we know it has come to a complete halt due to uncertainty. This is not our normal routine so we feel lost!

Many of us have heard “Control the Controllable”: Attitude-Energy-Actions. We can control these things; it is a choice. This is so true during the Covid-19 shutdown. We are all trying to adjust and find a new normal. While we have all slowed down, now is the time to find Stability, Connect and even Excel.

Each day we have a choice as to how we are going to respond to this adverse situation.  We can allow it to get us down; that is the easy way out. Or, we can face it, even through fear, and trust that there is a bigger, better, more eternal plan that we do not always understand. It is forcing us to find stability in our situations, connect to the ones we love and care about through Google Meet or Zoom meetings and appreciate those that are next to us each and every day. Each of us can find ways to improve on something and come out of this situation as a better person.

Serving others and trying to help any way we can is a way to take some uncertainty out of everyday life.  The more we focus on others, the less we will focus on ourselves. This is easier said than done in times like this, but it is necessary. How can each of us be a great teammate to those around us? It is my hope and prayer that we all choose to serve, connect, excel and find stability in these uncertain times! We will get through this together and will come out stronger and more connected!

Karl Grau
Bluffton High School

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