Consistently one of the top area high school players, who spent 2019-20 leading – arguably – the top area team, has made his college decision.

Will Geiger is going to be a Grace Lancer. The Norwell High School standout joins recent local commitments Elijah Malone (Prairie Heights) and transfer Frankie Davidson (Blackhawk Christian) to join Grace College under coach Scott Moore as he heads into his second season leading the Lancer program.

“The first thing I think of when I think of Grace is coach Moore and coach [Jordan] Weidner and coach [Erik] Bowen as well. They have all just been so enjoyable to deal with. They have been there when I need them and they have a great program going on,” Geiger told Outside the Huddle on Wednesday.

“I love coach [Moore’s] personality and how he handles himself. That was huge for me. I wanted to be around it, so I feel those other guys that he was able to recruit, I feel like they are the same way: they love coach and how he is running his program and they just want to be a part of it.”

Over last summer, Geiger was able to help with the youth basketball camp held on the Grace College campus. It allowed him a unique view of the program and at the campus as well, an area that Geiger was impressed with the beauty of. During that camp, he was also able to spend some time with the Grace players, not knowing at the time for sure that many of them would be future teammates.

“You want to make sure that the bond is good and you like who you are playing with. And I certainly did just from being able to play with them a couple of times and then help out with their youth camp,” Geiger said.

That visit, as it turns out, was really nice to have considering that current recruiting is restricted and in person campus visits are not taking place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because of that pandemic, there has seemed to be an influx in the past couple of weeks of players making a pledge to their future college. Geiger says he sees that partially as a result of the stay at home orders and unparalleled free time that high school athletes are getting to deeply think about their college choice.

“I always worried about not getting enough time to think and be pushed into it. This has given us all an opportunity to reflect on past career and see what we want and what we like in a college,” Geiger said.

February 22 2
Norwell’s Will Geiger shoots a free throw during a February 22 game at Woodlan.

“It really gives us the opportunity to evaluate each school in depth. I know for me, it has made it somewhat easier. I am not saying I love the situation that we are in, but it has given me more opportunity to think about the decision and allowed me to be comfortable with my decision.”

When Geiger doesn’t have a basketball in his hand, he spends a lot of time working on the family farm, as many who have followed his high school career know. He is still weighing what he will ultimately study at Grace College, where they do offer courses in Agricultural Business. He says he may end up looking at traditional business or finance routes because they cover a broader range. Either way he goes, Geiger’s education will allow him to help back on the farm when his college career is done and also while it is taking place. The commitment to Grace College will also allow Geiger to stay close to home, something that he says his family – especially mom Kristyn – is very happy about.

“It is close enough to where I can come back and help out wherever they need my help in the fields or on the farm,” Geiger said. “So I can come back and see family but I’m also still a little bit away that I get the college experience going away from home and doing my own thing. It is kind of the best of both worlds.”

Geiger isn’t exactly sure what type of player he will be on the next level. He says that, as a freshman, he wants to be whoever Grace needs him to be and will embrace whatever role he gets to best help the team.

This past season, Geiger averaged a double-double of 19 points and 11.7 rebounds per contest while leading Norwell to a 22-2 record, an outright NE8 title and a Class 3A Sectional crown. Along the way, he was asked to and expected to raise his game every night as Norwell faced more pressure as a top area team and Geiger himself saw hoards of junk and multi player defenses thrown his way in an attempt to slow down his inside game. Geiger thinks all of that helped develop his game even more as a high school senior.

“It has been one of my goals the majority of my high school career,” Geiger said of seeking growth. “The trap defenses, it has made me better having a couple of guys on me at a time. It made it tough to score and made me work a harder and develop my game even more.”

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