Before Outside the Huddle rolls out our official All-Area team and Player of the Year pick, we wanted you, the fans to have a say. So for the past two weeks, you have been voting to narrow down a field of 48 players to your favorite.

After over 14,700 votes in the final round alone, the FAN VOTE has chosen Olivia Smith of South Side High School. Smith earned 67.68 percent of the final round vote to edge out Woodlan’s Dakotah Krohn in the final round.

In the semi final round, Smith beat out Huntington North’s Reece Colclesser and in the quarterfinals, Smith beat Adams Central’s Carly Holley. Smith came into the top 8 rounds as the #1 overall seed by getting the most votes in the opening round where she topped the ‘Warrior Region.’

In the four rounds combined, Smith earned 26 percent of the over 121,000 total votes cast.

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