Top 50 Boys Hoops: #8 Qualen Pettus

The Northrop Bruins climbed to the top of the SAC last year, sharing the title but their one year with Sydney Curry is over and now they have to reset with a mostly returning crew that now sees Qualen Pettus at the forefront for his senior season after breaking out as a sophomore but settling for lesser of a role a season ago.

Basketball is a physical game and a lot of guys, no matter their experience, struggle with the physicality of it. Pettus is ahead of the curve when it comes to the local scene because how physical his athleticism allows him to be. He is strong, has the speed to play at any rate and the ability to make good reads. Something that will stand out when watching Pettus is his ability to make plays with and without the ball. He’s not an advanced ball handler but he is comfortable and intelligent with his reads. Because he can read that position, he is able to move without the ball to create space and get good looks. He has the ability to defend four spots on the floor because of his energy, strength and jump.

He averaged a team second best 13.1 points point game last season and will be the top returning Bruin scorer, after hitting 45 percent of his shots. His 5.7 rebounds, 1.7 assists and 1.9 steals per game are also all highs among returning Northrop players. He is going to hover between 40 and 65 percent from the field every game with little to no exception. That is because Pettus is willing to shoot the ball and take chances, but also able to adjust what he is doing with those shots. He likely isn’y going to have a high percentage game, but he’s never going to have a low one either and there is something to say about that credible level of consistency.

“A three year starter, [Qualen has] strong leadership and experience,” Northrop coach Rod Chamble says.

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