Top 50 Boys Hoops: #11 Jackson Paul

As Churubusco looks to get back into the Sectional title win column, there is a lot of hype heading into the new season. One constant in the program is the Paul family from coach Chris Paul to his two sons Jalen (now at Michigan-Dearborn) and junior point guard Jackson.

Paul was first team All-Northeast Corner Conference a season ago and has established himself as a major threat to take defenders off the dribble. Paul is a talented finished and shouldn’t be mistaken for anything otherwise, able to slice through the lane and even seek out some contact on a consistent basis. Paul is able to seek out and hit some shots from rough angles and isn’t afraid to try new things to get the ball in the basket, and isn’t that the name of the game? He isn’t particularly flashy with how he handles the ball, but is fundamentally sound and can slash from both sides of the floor and is talented at splitting defenses, even in the pick and roll. Paul also has really good speed from his first step to his last.

Last season, Paul averaged 18 points, 5.6 assists and 3.6 steals per game. And while his scoring and defensive prowess are always highlights of his game, sometimes his court vision and ability to set up teammates get lost. When running the point, Paul is absolutely a score first option guy, but can play as a true point and has been really advancing himself at knowing when to be passive scoring and defer to teammates who are in better situations offensively. He often makes the right decision and a quality pass.

[Jackson] is a very experienced player, who is very aggressive at both ends of the court. Competes at all times,” Churubusco coach Chris Paul says.

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