Top 50 Boys Hoops: #36 Isaac Farnsworth

If you looked no farther than Snider’s win over Northrop in the SAC Holiday Tournament last December, it wouldn’t take one much effort to see the worth of Isaac Farnsworth to the Snider program. Outsized and overmatched, Farnsworth played as well on Northrop’s Sydney Curry as anyone in the area did last season. It was a major catalyst in the Snider win and it wasn’t something Farnsworth did just that one day.

Farnsworth is tough as nails and has built his brand as a guy who will just outwork anyone on any given day. He played in all 23 games for the Panthers, averaging 5.4 points and 2.8 rebounds, but the hustle stats he effected aren’t as easy to measure. He took six charges and forced many turnovers with pass deflections and loose ball chase downs every night. Snider is comfortable giving Farnsworth the toughest guard regardless of the opponent because of his effort and physicality.

What may be lost is Farnsworth’s offensive prowess, which increased all season and showed pretty special flashes over the summer. Farnsworth shot 47.5 percent from inside the arc on 2018-2019. His two highest scoring games – 14 points versus DeKalb and 18 points versus Brownsburg – came with his two highest shooting percentages, 83 and 88 percent respectively.

“Heart and soul of the team. Vocal. Energetic. Hard worker,” Snider coach Jeremy Rauch says of Farnsworth. “Excellent shooter, both in the mid-range and three point line; is ready this year to be a pivotal playmaker for us.”

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