Top 50 Boys Hoops: #48 Eric Steger

The Northeast 8 is looking really wide open in 2019-2020 on the boys side and Leo is the first team in the conference to score a player in the top 50. Last season as a sophomore, Steger really started to emerge early in the season as a scoring threat. He is a knock down three point shooter who’s long range prowess isn’t anything to questions. He is also a comfortable ball handler that doesn’t lack confidence against pressing defenses coming his way.

What kind of a scoring threat will Steger be going forward. If he never expands his game beyond being a ball rotation three point shooter, he will still be one of the NE8’s best players this season. But play over the summer with Leo, including in a Snider hosted Monday night league, indicated that there is growth coming and Steger is going to be a different and enhanced player as a junior.

At 37.8 percent, Steger was the leading three point shooter on a team that was and is more so now full of long range gunners. Steger hit more than 1/5 of the team’s three pointers and joined Blake Davison is one of just two Lions to start all 21 games, providing important consistency to a team that was growing a season ago. Steger averaged 8.14 points and 2.62 rebounds per contest and was named All-NE8 Honorable Mention.

“Eric was a good shooter for us a year ago.  Hopefully, he will continue to stretch his game in all facets,” says Leo coach Cary Cogdell.

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