Todd Mason, Eastside AD Aaron Willard release statements on Mason’s resignation

Eastside coach Todd Mason talks to his offense prior to the start of a game at Central Noble in 2020.

It was made public last week that Todd Mason had stepped down from his position as head coach of the Eastside football program.

Since then, both Mason and Eastside athletic director have responded to the news.

Eastside athletic director Aaron Willard

Coach Mason has done a remarkable job with the Eastside football program. He has taken the program to new heights by winning a regional championship. His commitment and dedication to the football program was second to none. I appreciate his time and what he has done for the football program and Eastside athletics.

Former Eastside coach Todd Mason

I would first like to thank Eastside High School for the opportunity to lead the Blazer football program for the past six years. I can honestly say it has been the most rewarding and life-changing professional experience of my life. In those six years we have accomplished so much, but what I am most proud of is how our student-athletes have bought in to ALL IN; do right even when no one is looking. Championships come and go, character is forever.

I have been abundantly blessed by a football staff that understood, believed in and enhanced character through the wonderful game of football-it certainly was not a one man show. In particular I would especially like to recognize Corey Schoon and Matt Dazey, two men of outstanding character that are also great football coaches. The countless hours, arguments, discussions, disagreements and agreements led to a special time in Blazer football history. Through transparent communication, teamwork, and collaboration we put our teams first and, in a position, to win football games and in life. I cannot put into words how much respect and appreciation I have for those two men and their families. All In takes a great deal of work and the EHS football staff has been selfless in the pursuit of greatness.

Our football players have been THEEE BEST, the most difficult part of teaching young men the game of football is relying on people other than yourself. Doing your 1/11 th , trusting and loving your teammate, enjoying the grind, and believing in your coaches is not a natural characteristic exhibited by 14–18-year-old young men. OUR KIDS DID IT WITH A PASSION UNMATCHED BY ANY OTHER TEAMS I HAVE COACHED!!! I absolutely love our dudes; they are going to make a difference in the world.

Our community is second to none, they have backed our program and all of Eastside athletics with unconditional love. Opposing teams were absolutely amazed by our community backing and positive support for our programs. It was an honor to represent our community as the head football coach, I cannot express how thankful I am to be a member of the Eastside community.

To all the coaches we have competed with, I take my hat off to you. Incredible human beings such as Paul Sade, Mike Mosser, Andy Thomas, Brent Kunkel, Kyle Lindsey, Chris DePew, Monte Mawhorter, Chris Skinner, Jeff Adamson, Sherwood Haydock and Dave Snyder; you made us work our butt’s off to compete and I want to thank you for that!!

To my wife Dawn and daughter Reece, thank you for allowing me to chase my dreams and supporting everyone (staff, athletes and community) involved by being ALL IN every step of the way-I love you!!

My resignation is not the result of a single event, single person or season. My tenure at Eastside has been riddled with challenges, yet not from parents or student-athletes. The lack of institutional transparency and collaboration has left me exhausted mentally, physically and spiritually. I have lost my hope and belief that our educational leaders are willing to make decisions that are solely for the best for our students.

Future Blazers continue doing right, it does not go unnoticed. Best of luck!!

Finally, a big thank you to the media who did an unbelievable job of covering Eastside throughout my six seasons as head coach-it was certainly appreciated. ALL IN!

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