Bounce’s Girls Hoops Power Poll for the week of December 5

Homestead’s Ayanna Patterson drives to the basket during a December 4 game against Carroll. (Photo by Leslie Palmer)

Another edition of the in season girls basketball power poll of the season is here after taking last week off.

Each Tuesday, you will get a new one! Who moved up? Who dropped? What surprises are there this week? I’m sure my Twitter followers will have all the smoke as usual.

No. 1 – Homestead Spartans

Records: 6-1, 3-0 SAC

Previous rank: 2

Why #1?: It was time. After a domination of the defending SAC champs, Homestead has regained the power again. This is a tough team and there are no games right now where we would project that any area team will beat them. That makes it tough to consider anyone else number one.

Why Not Higher?: It doesn’t get better than the top.

Best win: Carroll

No. 2 – Garrett Railroaders

Records: 7-1, 3-0 NECC

Previous rank: 1

Why #2?: This drop is about Homestead, not about Garrett. The Railroaders continue to be one of the most diverse teams in the state. So much so that any of their starting five could be considered their best player on most nights. Garrett continues to be one of the scariest teams in the area, but have a tough task in Norwell awaiting them at the end of the week. That one will be fun.

Why Not Higher?: Homestead just has bigger wins right now.

Best win: Angola

No. 3 – Columbia City Eagles

Records: 9-0, 1-0 NE8

Previous rank: 3

Why #3?: 9-0 and the best start since 1992-93, a season that was one of the best in program history. That means that this is shaping up to one of the best in program history. Sitting unbeaten, the Eagles are one of just two area teams without a loss on the girls side right now. That is incredibly impressive. Also fo note, the Eagles are now 5-0 against SAC opponents.

Why Not Higher?: Better wins for Homestead and Garrett. For now.

Best win: Carroll

No. 4 – Snider Panthers

Records: 5-2, 2-0 SAC

Previous rank:7

Why #4?: The Panthers deserve a big jump here. They are 4-0 since their last loss, neither of their losses are horrible and they have arguably the two best wins in the area this year beating North Central and Fishers.

Why Not Higher?: They do hold two losses, so for now they hold here, back inside the top 5.

Best win: Fishers

No. 5 – Carroll Chargers

Records: 5-5, 1-1 SAC

Previous rank:4

Why #5?: Carroll seems to have found their stride despite two losses. The razor thin loss to Northridge last week showcased a lot of positives about this team. They don’t have a bad loss this season and 3 of their 5 wins are high quality ones.

Why Not Higher?: The Chargers have lost 2 in a row and had a “down” week. They have to drop because of that.

Best win: Northrop

No. 6 – Northrop Bruins

Records: 4-1, 2-1 SAC

Previous rank: 5

Why #6?: Northrop has given no reason to not trust that they are really good and have the ability to dominate games. Expect more of that going forward. This is a really fun team with a lot of potential. They went 1-0 last week and now have a big week ahead.

Why Not Higher?: Snider wins have them leapfrogging people. Its not like Northrop has done anything wrong lately. Though, they are lacking big time wins by not having a front loaded schedule.

Best win: Leo

No. 7 – Fairfield Falcons

Records: 9-0, 3-0 NECC

Previous rank: 9

Why #7?: This is the best start in the history of a program that was a stone’s throw from the state finals just a few years ago. Fairfield is tough and they have a solid or significant piece in every starting spot. They don’t get as much attention closer to Fort Wayne, but make no mistake they are a problem for every team on their schedule. They are one of only two area teams that remain unbeaten on the season.

Why Not Higher?: They are starting their games against the upper echelon of the NECC. That will help. But so far, this team is very powerful.

Best win: Angola

No. 8 – Warsaw Tigers

Records: 7-2, 1-0 NLC

Previous rank: 6

Why #8?: The Tigers dominate games that require next level aggression. Because of that, they are a contender every night. They’ve won games they should have and lost ones they should have. Right now, this is a team meeting lofty expectations.

Why Not Higher?: This drop isn’t on Warsaw, they continue to do everything well. It is more about the fact that teams that were behind them are just doing better currently.

Best win: Merrillville

No. 9 – Norwell Knights

Records: 8-1, 1-0 NE8

Previous rank: 8

Why #9?: Last week’s win over Huntington North showed that the Vikings can match any pace and come out on top. The Vikings tried to lull them down and Norwell struck back. Young on the court, but seasoned minds with a very seasoned coach, Norwell is on the brink of being much higher.

Why Not Higher?: Fairfield made the leap frog. Norwell is a good team that we are looking to find out their true potential. This week, with games against Columbia City and Garrett, could show us a lot.

Best win: Huntington North

No. 10 – Jay County Patriots

Records: 6-2, 1-0 ACAC

Previous rank: NR

Why #10?: While their win over South Side early in the season doesn’t hold much weight anymore, they do have quality ones against Bellmont and Woodlan. With the majority of the ACAC really surging right now, you have to see that the Patriots are top dog due to their win over Woodlan.

Why Not Higher?: Lack of a big name win hurts.

Best win: Woodlan

In the conversation

Bellmont, 6-3

Bishop Luers, 5-3

Blackhawk Christian, 8-1

Heritage, 7-3

South Adams, 5-1

Woodlan, 6-2

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