CORONAVIRUS VOICES: TPE basketball coach Chase Sanders

We continue today with our series called CORONAVIRUS VOICES, giving area coaches, players and others a platform to share their stories, thoughts and advice during the pandemic. 

Today, we welcome Coach Chase Sanders of Total Package Elite.

“Are you kidding me?!” is an understatement if a time traveler would have told me the events that would take place in the last two years. From one of my favorite music artists Nipsey Hussle, my dear mother and one of the most influential athletes of all time in Kobe passing. I wouldn’t have been able to process everything.

Shoot, I still can’t process it.

Oh, and to top it off ,we have the worlds greatest pandemic in ages to make things even worse. It has literally put our planet to a halt. Forced even the strongest countries and economies to nearly shut down in hopes of slowing the spread of the deadly Covid-19.

For most, it seemed like something that wouldn’t affect us and our daily lives. Majority of us continued daily activities and life as is. Then slowly, as it made its way across the country like a wildfire and started effecting celebrities, athletes and people of power, the more it became real. Schools and jobs closed, being delegated to at home learning and work. Only essential jobs still working and emergency personnel advised to be out. If you do go out, make sure you stock up on toilet paper and wear your mask, because this is just the new norm. What kind of dystopia have we entered? Seems like something out the twilight zone.

Oh yeah… and sports… sports…sports…sports. How could we forget. Literally every season being cancelled, from amateur to pro, cutting off runs of winter sports teams and ending prep and collegiate athletes’ careers. Absolutely no closure for some. And the spring sports seasons just gone, basically erased from history. What a time…

For TPE specifically, I was one of those guys. We continued to workout and prepare as if we were going to play in April up until they finally shut down the gyms. I was just so sure and overly optimistic about everything. I kept thinking the smoke would have cleared by now, but I was wrong.

This spring was supposed to be the start of final season for the class of 2021 team that went 41-9 last year, and would have been the debut of the 3rd generation TPE 2024 that shows a lot of promise. Now, we are patiently waiting for news from tournament directors to find out when we will be able to compete again. Knowing this information changes almost weekly, we could be looking at only a half a travel season.

For our program, it’s been a lot of digital communication. Sharing and connecting with coaches and colleges trying to get film and emails out to gain interest. The way things are these days with recruiting, the final travel summer is so crucial. And now with a lot of it gone, it only makes recruitment that much more of a challenge.

Luckily, we have the technology to share and get the information out, and have made contact with schools. We know how important it is to perform

If we do salvage any of the season, because the live viewing time will be limited, it is going to be extremely competitive when we get back. So our coaching staff has just been encouraging players to do all they can do stay in shape and stay disciplined in eating and training while we our on shutdown.

These times are trying but, we will make it through. We must continue to just stay diligent and locked in on the future. Stay positive, take things day by day and relish the little things. If anything, this has made people cherish the things we take for granted. Everyone has their own journey and even though majority of us are going stir crazy, a lot of people are using this time for healing, growth and reflection. There is no right or wrong way to go about it.

Okay well there is a couple things…just make sure you save some toilet paper for others and leave a little bit of hand sanitizer left, it will be okay. And make sure you are keeping that social distance

Chase Sanders

TPE coach

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