On March 9, Outside the Huddle will have our ultimate say as we name our official Girls Basketball Player of the Year and exclusive 15 player All-Area team.

But first, get your vote in. This is the final FAN VOTE for high school girls basketball this season and before we name our Player of the Year, you can tell us who YOUR Player of the Year is.

We started with 48 players and the top two vote getters from each region advanced to this round where we ranked them and seeded them based on their opening round vote totals. Who had the best 2019-2020 in your eyes?

In this quarterfinal round, voting goes head to head. Voting for this round is open through Tuesday, March 3 at noon. For a complete schedule of all rounds, see below the polls.

Complete voting schedule

Quarterfinal round (8 players): Voting from February 28 to Tuesday, March 3 at noon.

Semi final round (4 players): Voting from March 3 to Thursday, March 5 at noon.

Final round (2 players): Voting from March 5 to Sunday, March 8 at 5 p.m.

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