Bounce’s Picks for the Week of Feb. 18

Hey, we are officially just down to the boys. While we haven’t had girls picks here for a while, it is weird to only have one gender playing basketball, at least in the area, at this point. The boys season is winding down too with just two weeks left in the regular season. The boys’ postseason draw will take place this Sunday, February 23.

The Bounce Traveling Trophy on the boys side stayed with Blackhawk Christian again as they beat Snider last week.

What you will see today is 10 total games on the boys side. What you won’t see is me talking about Carroll at Homestead, which will be our Outside the Huddle Game of the Weekend and previewed later this week.

Last week: 9-2

Season total: 118-40


Marion at Blackhawk Christian, Tuesday

This once had a better storyline with former Blackhawk Christian Middle School standout Jalen Blackmon playing his former school and teammate Caleb Furst. But the Giants are just 5-5 since losing Blackmon to injury, though they have won four straight. The Braves proved last week just how good they are shooting the ball in their own gym and I’m not sure which Giant has the ability to slow Caleb Furst because they don’t have any actual giants. Bounce picks Blackhawk Christian

Manchester at Columbia City, Tuesday

This is a fun game off the beaten path as the Eagles play their second to last game in their current home gym. Both teams have had some ups and downs this year and need some solid footing heading towards the postseason. Look for the Weston Hamby and Mitchell Wilson matchup to be a lot of fun. But like with the girls at the end of their season, there is some emotional drive to the end of the current Columbia City school. Bounce picks Columbia City

Bishop Dwenger at Leo, Wednesday

Wednesday special again, let’s hope it doesn’t get postponed this week. It also won’t be any easier of a road game for the Saints this time around either. Leo is back to playing steady basketball and DJ Allen stepped up strong inside last week. If Bishop Dwenger can keep a level head, they can make this a game but to stay as cool and collected at Leo is difficult. Bounce picks Leo

Prairie Heights at Central Noble, Wednesday

A reschedule from a weather cancellation, we finally get the rematch of the NECC Tournament final. Barring upsets elsewhere, this won’t be for much other than a third place finish in the conference but still a major bragging right since they may rematch yet again come Sectional time. It is unlikely that Connor Essegian and Sawyer Yoder will shoot the ball as good as they did in this first meeting and the Prairie Heights fans didn’t like me last week even if I was 50% picking their games. That said, I don’t see this one going too much different because of the home court. Bounce picks Central Noble

DeKalb at Garrett, Friday

Not top teams in either of their conferences, but when is the DeKalb County rivalry not fun to watch and a little tumultuous to play in. This is always interesting and the way Caleb Nixon played for DeKalb last week has me wondering who from Garrett could possibly defend his speed if he is on top of his game. Bounce picks DeKalb

South Side at Snider, Friday

This isn’t the biggest game on Friday, but it plays a role in determining the SAC. Here is how Snider wins the conference. First, they have to win this game (easier said that done with South Side’s ability to upset). They can win the conference outright with a win here and a North Side win on Friday. If they win here and Bishop Luers and Homestead both win on Friday, then all three of those teams will share the title. Bounce picks Snider

Bishop Luers at North Side, Friday

Luers could have made things easier if they beat South Side last Tuesday, but they didn’t so it leads us here. The Knights have a simple agenda: a win almost guarantees them a share of the title. The Knights win the title outright if they win and Carroll beats Homestead. They would share the title with Homestead and Snider if all three teams win Friday. Does last place and one-win North Side have it in them to pull an upset and knock Luers out of title contention? Bounce picks Bishop Luers

Bluffton at Bellmont, Friday

The ACAC champions are going to get challenged in Decatur because Bellmont matches up so evenly with them. Both have heavy interior threats, good ball handling and streaky shooters. This is another really fun game that may be off the beaten path for some people but worth a trip on Friday night. In the end, Bluffton knows they have to raise their game for a tough Sectional defense ahead. Bounce picks Bluffton

Canterbury at Heritage, Saturday

Heritage is getting better with their complete rebuild and they have solid underclass pieces that will make the Patriots favorites most nights again soon. This won’t be one those games because Canterbury has played so heavy handed against equal competition. I am really loving the way Holidey Stephenson is playing right now and the Cavs have so many other weapons that are already developed. Bounce picks Canterbury 

Norwell at Woodlan, Saturday

Senior night at Woodlan means that the program will officially look very different as it says goodbye to a group who has been relevant on the varsity level for years. Welcoming in Norwell is a tough goodbye. That said, I am fully invested in the idea of Will Geiger versus Joe Reidy. That said, sorry to my Warrior fans… Bounce picks Norwell

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