BLITZ: Making sense of the new SAC division rules

Carroll takes the field for their August 25 home opener against Warren Central. (Photo by Leverage Photography)

When Outside the Huddle broke the news back in January of last year that the Summit Athletic Conference was adopting a two-division format with a pair of non-conference weeks to begin the season, Blitz thought he understood fully what was going on.

Then this year started.

From what Blitz thought he knew, only game inside your division counted for your division record. That’s how the Northeast Corner Conference does it.

But after some intrepid investigation, Blitz has been informed that ALL games against SAC opponents played between Weeks 3 and 9 (Week 2 between Northrop and Wayne not included) counts for your SAC record.

So the best a team can finish is 7-0 and the worst is 0-7.

The team with the best record, regardless of division, wins the SAC and is award the Victory Bell.

If two teams tie with the same record, regardless of division, the head-to-head matchup will determine the champion.

If the two teams tied did not play during the regular season, the teams share the Bell.

It is kind of convoluted and defeats the purpose of divisions, in Blitz’s mind. Why not just have no divisions and keep the first two weeks as non-conference? The divisions effectively do not serve a purpose since you can not ‘win’ your division, per se.

What has been frustrating for many, not just Blitz, is the overall confusion of what the rules are. When Blitz reached out to a few coaches seeking clarification, even they didn’t know for sure.

But there it is. Best overall record over seven league games wins the Victory Bell.

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