BOUNCE: Girls Hoops Power Poll for December 23

It has been a couple weeks since we checked in on the girls end of things so why not celebrate the holiday early with a fresh top 10 power poll.

The teams don’t change much but the order of them shifts as we head towards the unofficial midway point of the girls season.

Who lands where?


Records: 9-1, 4-0 SAC

Why #1?

Northrop has done everything right this season. The most impressive part of what we knew would be an impressive squad is that they are so balanced. Six different Bruins score seven or more points per game. Its hard to “cut the head off the snake” and abeat a team with so many heads of the snake. Northrop is deep and they could roll through the second half truly.

Why not Higher?

That doesn’t happen.


Records: 11-2, 5-0 SAC

Why #2?

Winners of their last six, the Spartans have fell back into a groove that we’ve become accustomed to for them. They have a tough final part of the season including several other teams in this countdown, but Alison Stephens has emerged as the next in line of top area Spartan girls players and is one of the best scorers in the area right now.

Why not Higher?

This is more about what Northrop has done than what Homestead hasn’t. The two will meet soon and we will get a true answer to who is better.


Records: 12-1, 3-0 NE8

Why #3?

There is something so smooth about how the Eagles do business and it is probably something that speaks to their depth and consistency. Addison Baxter and Kyndra Sheets get a lot of deserved love for their work at the top of the lineup, but Molly Baker again has become a constant threat inside.

Why not Higher?

Honestly, just don’t know if the Eagles would have the chops to beat the teams ahead of them. But also don’t know that anyone else in the area could beat the Eagles other than Homestead and Northrop.


Records: 12-3, 4-0 SAC

Why #4?

Early discussions of Snider’s demise were greatly exaggerated. This team is a lot of fun defensively and that defense has turned into some instant offense. Johnea Donahue has been cooking defensively with double digit steals recently against East Noble and Tia Phinezy is a shot blocking legend right now.

Why not Higher?

Honestly? Just the loss to Columbia City. Both teams are rolling so the one with the victory head to head wins out.


Records: 11-2, 2-1 NE8

Why #5?

Mackenzie Fuess has been tough as nails for a Norwell team living up to the yearly hype of Norwell basketball. The Knights have won 8 of their last 9 and all signs are pointing at another really fun Norwell/Bellmont battle in January. They will need some help to win the NE8, but this is a fun conference and Norwell has positioned themselves well.

Why not Higher?

Large margin of defeat in their two losses this season, which happen to be to teams ahead of them in this power poll.


Records: 11-1, 3-0 NE8

Why #6?

Hey, lets pay attention to Bellmont. Right in the thick of the NE8 race, the Braves are unbeaten neatly halfway through their conference seasons and are beating teams by 24 points per game. While this Bellmont team can score, it is their defense that has out attention, holding two of their last seven opponents to a final score in the teens.

Why not Higher?

The teams ahead of them have had tougher runs. Bellmont’s schedule toughness really picks up in 2023.


Records: 14-0, 6-0 NECC

Why #7?

Undefeated is undefeated. And from there, it doesn’t really matter what else anyone says. We knew Central Noble had enough hold over to be good this year but they have been far better than just good. The Cougars are one of just 11 unbeaten teams in the state and one of three undefeated groups in Class 2A.

Why not Higher?

Hey, I’ve said it before and I will say it again, strength of schedule. CN is good but how good is the question.


Records: 12-2, 5-0 NECC

Why #8?

Fairfield has been a team that has been steady and consistent. Their losses are to two of the top 4 teams in this poll and other than that, they’ve been fantastic. We will find out more when the NECC tournament comes around as they will enter as the favorites. Right now, the Falcons are a steady hand, can they raise their stock by being more?

Why not Higher?

Snider just ran through Fairfield. That leaves some questions heading into the break with the fat of the NECC season ahead.


Records: 10-3, 3-0 NLC

Why #9?

Warsaw’s offense can be massive, as seen in an 80 point game against Carroll. When this team is clicking they have multiple 15 or more point scoring options. The Warsaw Tournament on December 29 will be fun but January’s meeting against Northridge is going to be a great barometer for how the Tigers can be down the stretch.

Why not Higher?

As a consistent note, this team got beat up on by Columbia City. Just like everyone else. Warsaw has lost to two teams ahead of them in this poll.


Records: 12-3, 3-0 ACAC

Why #10?

Just dominant in the ACAC, Jay County has been pushed by the best scorer in their program’s history. Believe it or not, Renna Schwieterman may not be given enough love. They same can actually be said about Gabi Bilbrey who is averaging 11.2 points and a team high 7.6 rebounds per game.

Why not Higher?

Their schedule isn’t as challenging as the teams ahead of them in this power poll.

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