BOUNCE: Girls Hoops Power Poll – December 7, 2022

Homestead coach Rod Parker calls out to his team during a November 12 game against Wayne.

After taking some time off to let some games and teams percolate, Bounce felt it was time to hop back in with another girls basketball Power Poll.

Some things have changed since the last time we spotted up for one of these. Keep in mind, this is a power poll, emphasis on the word power. So winning a lot of games is important, as to are the quality of those wins and even the quality of losses.

No. 1 Northrop

Why #1?

Take everything else about Northrop’s season and throw it out the window. Once they hammered Carroll last week, questions about their top standing should be completely erased. No team in the area is anywhere near the Bruins right now IMO. They are almost winning by 40 points per game. 40.

Why not higher?

No number higher than 1 exists.

No. 2 Homestead

Why #2?

The Spartans are never far from the forefront and even a buzzer beating loss to Huntington North can derail that. Even the Noblesville loss isn’t bad considering the Millers’ two losses have come to teams who are a combined 20-0 right now. The Spartans have had some former role players and younger players to step into major roles. While that is happening, Ali Stephens is playing some of her best basketball in recent memory, if not ever, including a career scoring night just behind her.

Why not higher?

Northrop is just more dominant.

No. 3 Columbia City

Why #3?

The Eagles have won 8 straight including great wins over Snider and Fairfield. With just under 30 points in average point differential, the Eagles are blowing by competition. They have a great depth to them and many girls have stepped up all season but Addison Baxter has been phenomenal.

Why not higher?

That season opening loss to Carroll is a burden. At the time it wasn’t a bad one, but Carroll’s own three straight losses, including a blowout to Northrop, ruin the value of the Eagles a bit to.

No. 4 Norwell

Why #4?

If for no other reason, it is their complete domination of Huntington North. Kennedy Fuelling has consistently laid down the gauntlet: is she the best player in the NE8? Her consistency is the big word in that situation. Fuelling has the school record for scoring now sure, but every night she is impacting the game in many ways. A Fuelling with Norwell in a potential drivers seat? Stop me if you’ve heard it before.

Why not higher?

Says more about the teams ahead of them. Hard to find much wrong with Norwell right now.

No. 5 Snider

Why #5?

Snider thinks Bounce is a hater. Bounce doesn’t hate and he sees some big wins including the one over Fishers that certainly didn’t get enough respect. Snider, on their A game, may be as good as anyone in the area. Their top end is fantastic and role players are coming around strong after the teams early season struggles.

Why not higher?

They’ve lost some games that, in Bounce’s opinion, they probably shouldn’t have. So I’m the end, even with a high talent level, can we count on Snider?

No. 6 Carroll

Why #6?

Somewhat surprising depth has led Carroll to be arguably better than we expected. Going into last weeks lopsided loss to Northrop, there could have been an argument to rank them 2nd in the area behind the Bruins. Lily George has been a bit of a revelation and is really pacing the Chargers in some key areas.”

Why not higher?

Their two losses against tough teams put them here. Is Carroll really good? Yes. Are they very good? It’s two different things.

No. 7 Central Noble

Why #7?

This is easy. At 11-0, they are the last unbeaten team in our area and one of 13 unbeaten teams state wide. They also are at the top of the state unbeaten list because nobody else has won 11 games versus zero losses to this point. First year head coach Sam Malcolm has done a great job with the Cougars and they have certainly responded every night.

Why not higher?

Their wins aren’t against anyone higher on this list. They are beating teams with subpar records and outside of 6-1 Bethany Christian, none of the Cougar opponents have had big years so far. It doesn’t knock CN at all, but the wins are good wins against just ok competition. They need a marquee victory to go higher and Fairfield doesn’t come around until January.

No. 8 Fairfield

Why #8?

A win over Northridge has been the most impressive in the Falcons’ 9-1 start for sure, but 9-1 is still huge. They are handling opposition well and have flexed some much needed scoring depth.

Why not higher?

Fairfield lacks a super tough schedule and has had only two games decided by 5 or less points, in which they are 1-1. Does that speak to their dominance? Some, but it also speaks to the weakness of many opponents.

No. 9 Jay County

Why #9?

The Patriots have been ona tear offensively behind Renna Schwieterman who just moved into the top 10 all-time in ACAC scoring. They are winning by over 26 points per game on average and the teams on their schedule aren’t close to competing with them in their 8-1 start. Despite just being 1-0 in the conference right now, all signs point towards the Patriots running the ACAC.

Why not higher?

Jay County doesn’t play the cream of the crop locally so its a feeling out process. Could they beat the teams above them on this list? My gut says no.

No. 10 Bellmont

Why #10?

Bounce was talking to a friend of his the other day and this thought of mine came up: is Andy Heim the most underrated really good coach in our area? He has the talent sure, but he cultivates it well and over the last 6 or so years he has really changed the environment at Bellmont. Players like Hailey Cole and Emily Belle have been great this season but kudos to Heim for making Bellmont what it is year after year.

Why not higher?

A loss to Jay County keeps them behind Jay County.

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