Bounce’s Picks for the week of January 18-22

We are headed down the stretch of the girls basketball regular season and last week was a big one! Bounce missed just three non tournament games, all on the boys side.

In ACAC play, I got just one pick wrong and in the NECC tournaments, there were just three misses. Last week always equals my biggest week of the season so I think I did pretty good.

*Unlike Blitz, we aren’t picking spreads here…just winners


2021-22 RECORD: 132-49


Central Noble at Fairfield, Tuesday

This is a fun one in the midst of the NECC. Both teams are probably a bit underrated late in the season. The Cougars haven’t gotten near enough respect this year and while Fairfield is stronger, I’m going with the upset. BOUNCE PICKS CENTRAL NOBLE

Homestead at Warsaw, Tuesday

Seeing Abby Sanner match up inside against Ayanna Patterson will be fun. Sanner is tough at the rim and one of the better equipped posts that Patterson has seen all season. That said, the Spartans are tough in their on court diversity. BOUNCE PICKS HOMESTEAD

Jay County at Norwell, Tuesday

Two of the perennial best teams in the conference and the Patriots are rolling. Normally The Castle would be the monster equalizer, but I have a feeling that the Patriots get a banner win here. BOUNCE PICKS JAY COUNTY

Union City at South Adams, Thursday

A tough challenge for South Adams here, but something that the Starfires could certainly be up for. Another one of the area’s more underrated teams, this would be a nice momentum for South Adams heading toward the postseason. BOUNCE PICKS UNION CITY

Central Noble at Eastside, Friday

Another tough road test for this Cougar team. While it is all for postseason momentum in the NECC right now, it could be good momentum. This is all about tempo as Eastside has proven time and time. BOUNCE PICKS EASTSIDE

Northrop at Westfield, Saturday

Northrop is good. Can they reach really good before the postseason. This is a major test where you hope that iron sharpens iron. But do the Bruins have enough to win a hard road game right now? BOUNCE PICKS WESTFIELD

Woodlan at South Adams, Saturday

Wrapping up the ACAC won’t be easy as these two teams rematch their recent ACAC battle. Don’t expect a different outcome, though I think it will be a bit closer at the Stardome. Woodlan has proven they are just too tough at the rim. BOUNCE PICKS WOODLAN


Columbia City at Homestead, Tuesday

The Eagles have surprised some people and I think this is a great test for them where I wouldn’t put an upset out of the realm of possibility. Unfortunately for them, they are getting an angry bounce back Spartan team. BOUNCE PICKS HOMESTEAD

Carroll at Norwell, Wednesday

Can Carroll carry momentum of their first win? They are getting better, but The Castle is unforgiving. BOUNCE PICKS NORWELL

Leo at Snider, Wednesday

This is the game of the week right here. Why? Because both teams have things they do really well and they kind of counteract each other. Can Snider matchup on the inside? Probably not, though Lincoln Firks is coming along well for Snider. Can Leo matchup on the perimeter, probably not….but we have to remember the high level defense that Xavier Middleton and Ayden Ruble can play. This is one of those very fun games where it could be a tossup or it could be a dominating statement from either team. Absolutely no result here would surprise me. BOUNCE PICKS LEO

Central Noble at Eastside, Friday

A rematch of the NECC Tournament finals and this one should be closer. Eastside isn’t going to make a lot of the same mistakes twice. Not making mistakes is one thing, stopping Connor Essegian is another. BOUNCE PICKS CENTRAL NOBLE

Concordia at Snider, Friday

The Cadets lead the SAC but all of that could change come Friday. Snider is poised to push strong through the second half, but they also have let individuals roll some this season. The teams match up well and both have high level scorers. Who can hold the other from having a 40 point scorer? That is who wins. BOUNCE PICKS SNIDER

Homestead at North Side, Friday

This would be more interesting with Brauntae Johnson in the lineup. BOUNCE PICKS HOMESTEAD

New Haven at Norwell, Saturday

The fate of the NE8 could be decided or at least altered here. New Haven is back in the drivers seat after a slow start. But can they keep the momentum. What did each team learn in their games against Leo? I think this conference is really balanced and we will see it here. BOUNCE PICKS NORWELL

Valparaiso at Warsaw, Saturday

Another big test for a Warsaw team that has started to show they may actually be a three scorer show. Beating Valpo is very hard, but having that come court advantage is helpful. Drew Heckaman has stepped up for Warsaw, but I think Jaxson Gould takes this one over. BOUNCE PICKS WARSAW

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