FAN CHOICE: Boys hoops Performance of the Week for the week of February 22-27

You can vote on the nominees for boys basketball’s FAN CHOICE Performance of the Week for February 22-27, sponsored by Craigville Appliance, now with voting extending through Tuesday, March 2 at Noon. The winner will be announced later that day at

Keep in mind during basketball season, this is not a weekly wide player of the week award. These are the best single game performances of the week, not representing a player’s body of work for the entire week.

Please note: nominees are selected primarily from statistics provided by teams to Outside the Huddle. Is someone potentially missing? Make sure your coach is submitting game night stats and scoring to:

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  1. Wanna give a shout out to my grandson!
    Jade I’ve had the pleasure of being able to watch you grow into the wonderful young man you are. You are kind , caring , selfless and humble. The adversity you’ve overcome in the past few years is amazing. Having only 3 years to accomplish on the floor instead of 4.
    You are truly a Comeback story! You deserve all the best in life there is and can’t wait to see that gift of leadership you have to play out in your road ahead. God bless you Jade and thank you for sharing your gifts with all who know you!😘

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