Bounce’s Girls Hoops Power Poll for the Week of November 30

If you followed along with out preseason countdown then you already knew who our preseason top 10 girls basketball teams were. BUT, if you know anything about high school basketball, you know that things can change quickly.

So we’ve given the girls a few weeks to settle in from that initial top 10 and here is where they sit as we kick off their fourth week of games.

Each Tuesday morning, we will release our weekly Power Poll ahead of the week of games ahead.

No. 1 – Homestead

Records: 4-1 overall; 1-0 SAC; 0-0 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: 1

The Spartans ran through their one game last week. Bigger challenges await and next week we will know a lot more about the Spartans than we know now. But as of this point, the Spartans are still the top area team because they still remain unbeaten in this area for a long time.

Best win: Noblesville

No. 2 – Norwell

Records: 4-0 overall; 0-0 NE8; 1-0 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: 2

Finding their way by Concordia keeps Norwell at a solid two spot and inching closer on Homestead’s heels. That is a big local win against a surging opponent. The Knights did what they had to in order to beat a team that looked like they could overmatch the Knights in the post. Norwell isn’t just strong on the perimeter.

Best win: Concordia Lutheran

No. 3 – South Side

Records: 2-0 overall; 1-0 SAC; 0-0 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: 3

No games, no movement. We still don’t know much about the Archers because of the fact they didn’t get to play. But now they will, with some big games ahead for them this week.

Best win: Northridge

No. 4 – Garrett

Records: 7-0 overall; 2-0 NECC; 1-0 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: 5

The Railroaders picked up a possible season defining win by leading Angola from tip to buzzer and picking up their first NECC win of the season. Garrett is just deep no matter who they play and that depth is tough to challenge. Nataley Armstrong is the best passer in the area, arguably the state right now.

Best win: Angola

No. 5 – Carroll

Records: 3-2 overall; 0-0 SAC; 0-0 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: 4

The Chargers dropped another close one to another very good team last week. They have a major chance to make up for it with Homestead on the schedule this week. Carroll is a really good team on the cusp, how will they get to the point where they can get over the hump against top tier teams? I am watching for that and I think they are closer than many will give them credit for.

Best win: Huntington North

No. 6 – Concordia Lutheran

Records: 4-1 overall; 1-0 SAC; 0-1 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: 6

The Cadets won’t move despite their first loss of the season. They were razor close to beating Norwell last week and if there was an ability to move them up in the rankings because of that, we would. Concordia is playing solid basketball and Chanteese Craig is unguardable in the post currently.

Best win: Northrop

No. 7 – Jay County

Records: 4-1 overall; 0-0 ACAC; 1-0 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: 8

The Patriots picked up another quality win last week against Winchester then had a pair of games postponed. Their experience will help them coming up against several teams with few or no games under their belt so far this season.

Best win: Bellmont or Winchester

No. 8 – Angola

Records: 2-1 overall; 1-1 NECC; 0-1 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: 7

The Hornets may have lost their first game last week, but stayed even with Garrett for most of the game around the 9-12 point range. It was just the initial hole that was too much to come back from. With the Hornets’ intensity and what they learned in that game, don’t expect too many teams to put Angola in a hole the rest of this season.

Best win: Eastside

No. 9 – Bellmont

Records: 5-1 overall; 0-0 NE8; 0-1 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: 9

The Squaws are still breaking even and a win over county rival Adams Central helps. They are still very solid and will have some key games coming up that could see them rise up the ranks or drop out of the top 10.

Best win: Woodlan

No. 10 – Snider

Records: 3-0 overall; 1-0 SAC; 0-0 vs. current Top 10

Previous Rank: NR

We needed to move someone up and who better than Snider at this point. The real challenge lay ahead, but it is hard to ignore what this group has done. They weren’t a team to worry about or even consider a year ago and now they are right there with a 3-0 start and real threat against anyone.

Best win: Huntington North

IN THE ARGUMENT (in no particular order)

Bluffton (5-1)

Northrop (2-1)

Fairfield (5-1)

Central Noble (2-0)

Blackhawk Christian (7-1)

Warsaw (4-2)

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