CORONAVIRUS VOICES: Central Noble boys basketball coach John Bodey

We continue today with our series called CORONAVIRUS VOICES, giving area coaches, players and others a platform to share their stories, thoughts and advice during the pandemic. 

Today, we welcome coach John Bodey of Central Noble High School.


64 teams in our state did not get to finish the 2019-2020 basketball season. Their seasons were cut short prior to their regional games. It has been a difficult situation for all the team members who worked so hard to get to that point. 

Our team did not have our season cut short due to Covid-19, but we did not get the closure to a season that we normally have. We made it through about half of our end of season player meetings before school was closed. We will complete the end of season one on one’s via technology soon. End of season award programs postponed or in many cases cancelled. Athletes, families, and coaches were not able to get together to celebrate and recognize accomplishments of the athletes. 


The spring uncertainty started with the postponement of the annual IBCA coach’s clinic. Many boys’ and girls’ coaches from the area attend this clinic in the spring. Appropriately with schools shutting down, spring conditioning and workouts have also been shut down. Coaches wonder if we will have a normal June of Indiana basketball. Pretty much everything in our lives are uncertain currently. Of lesser importance, basketball is no different; we all wonder when we will get to play basketball again. 


The time with our athletes in the spring and summer are some of the more enjoyable times for me. Spring and summer are when basketball players are made, and it is also where coach/player relationships grow. As coaches, we enjoy spending time with our teams. How do we adapt to not being able to work personally and physically with our teams?

Through texting, social media and Zoom meetings, we are trying to encourage our kids to take the “do it yourself approach” to player development. We have given our athletes things to do to help them athletically and things to do to enhance their basketball skills. The goal is to safely get a ball in their hands and not lose a spring and maybe a summer of development. 


There is always an abrupt ending to every basketball season. After a month or so of recovery, you are ready to get back at it. This March and April I have been home more than normal. My wife is learning why she loves basketball. I’m not home bothering her during basketball, I am also learning that she is not very coachable. Just for that reason, she hopes for things to get back to normal quickly. 

My day job has been impacted as many in the area have. I have team members who want to work, but due to customers shutting down and government restrictions, we have had to furlough employees. It hurts telling people who want to work that they cannot. All they want to do is provide for their family and this virus is keeping them from doing so. 

We need to lead people in our lives through these uncertain times. Things are not normal, but as leaders we need to protect people and try to make things as normal as possible. We cannot complain about the situation. We must find a way to get through it and be better on the other side of this virus. Stay safe and God bless you all. 

John Bodey

Central Noble

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