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In the place of what would be State Finals week here in Indiana, Outside the Huddle reached out to a handful of area senior boys basketball players. Each of these players is from one of the 6 area teams that was still alive as a Sectional champion when the remainder of the tournament was cancelled. We asked them to tell us, in their own words, what they’d do different if they could go back to the start of their varsity careers, reminisce about their legacy and discuss the unusual close to their season and high school career. This is one such story:


If I could go back and tell myself from freshman year something, I would say possibly the same thing I say everyday: “take things day by day.” I had a knack for being impatient when I was younger. As I got older, I understood that things happen for a reason. The only thing you can do is accept, move on and work hard each and every day moving forward.


As for my legacy at Blackhawk, [I want to be known] as a person who is a team player and is willing to do whatever it takes to win. I was taught from all of my coaches to have a mentality to outwork everyone; someone will notice you. I want to be known as the guy others can see as an example of leader, who needs to prove he is a leader just by going to practice. I’m not saying practice is bad. Rather, I’m saying by being able to be a leader in everyday life, it’s more than just playing basketball.


How the season ended this was bizarre. I am sad that I no longer get to compete in the tournament, but I do understand that people’s health from the virus does come first.
As for the seasons in the past, I was grateful to be able to go and win a state championship [in 2019]. Not everyone gets a chance to play in an NBA stadium with their fans cheering for them. I am grateful for the players and coaching staff we have and the memories we gained.


Blackhawk Christian basketball to me means to play for his glory. We play for the one who gave his life for us. That means to work hard and never quit. It also means to never boast about our accomplishments. Though the wins and state title are nice, it’s nothing compared to the eternal life that Jesus provides for us at the end of our days. I’m gonna be thankful for the mentorship I’ve had, not just through our coaches but for our school as a whole.

– Jaylen Morris, Blackhawk Christian Class of 2020

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