Top 50 Girls Hoops: #50 Niesha Anderson

As Snider looks to climb back into the upper half of the Summit Athletic Conference consistently, Niesha Anderson will be a major pieces to the puzzle. In 2018-19 as just a freshman, she averaged 5.4 points (fourth on team) and 5.7 rebounds (third on team).

Anderson will need to find consistency when she is getting post touches, but there clearly is a learning curve for any freshman throw into the fire on the varsity level. Out of the three games when she took double digit shots, two were Anderson’s best of her freshman season with 19 points against North Side and 17 points against Wayne.

When at the top of her game, including those two performances and good efforts against Hamilton Heights and North Central, Anderson showcased some of the dominate, aggressive post traits we saw from Snider grad Kyla Covington in previous years.

“Niesha has become faster and in better shape,” Snider coach Greg Addison has noted.

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